Project #39176 - Elimentary statistics

STA2023 Application 1: Article Summary

Purpose: This assignment should help the writer understand how statistical information is used within an article and how to summarize a technical article.

Audience: The summary should be easily understood by students in Elementary Statistics, while also helping them to understand statistical information. The reader should be able to understand the article and the statistics without having to click on the link to the article.

Part 1: Discussion Board Analysis of Article and Summaries

1. Read the article found with the following link:

2. Then, read the 3 summaries of the article (Summary P, Summary Q, Summary R).

The 3 summaries are based on the following instructions:

Find an online article about statistics that are related to math, science, education, or the economy. Summarize the article and its statistical information. Describe how the statistical information does or does not relate to the main idea of the article. The summary must be at least 300 words, double-spaced, and written with proper grammar and spelling. A link to the article should be included on a “Works Cited” page.

The three summaries are posted as links below.

3. Write the analysis as Word document. The posting must meet the following criteria:

·         Compare and analyze the 3 summaries, noting positive and/or negative features of each one.

·         Determine whether each summary met the criteria stated in the instructions.

·         Which summary best represented the article and why? Give specific features of the summary to justify the choice.

·         When you have to complete a similar assignment and summarize an article, how will these examples help you?

·         The document must be at least 300 words and written with proper grammar and spelling.

4. Format Requirements:

·         Include a title page with your name, STA2023 Application 1, and the word count.

·         The summary should be written in paragraphs that are typed and double-spaced, with 1-inch margins and a font size of 12 Times New Roman.

·         The summary should be at least 300 words.

·         The summary should be college-level writing with proper grammar and spelling. Do not use first or second person (I, you, etc.).

·         The title page, summary, and “Works Cited” page should be a single document (.doc, .docx, or .pdf)

·         Attached are summary files!!!!!.

Subject Mathematics
Due By (Pacific Time) 09/14/2014 12:00 am
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