Project #39005 - Accounting



You are required to undertake an analysis of the financial health and management practices of Bega Cheese Ltd (BEGA). The analysis is to be based primarily on 2013 Annual Report of the corporation and any other information you deem relevant e.g. newspaper and journal articles etc.   This will require you to research articles on BEGA.




We will discuss and complete exercises using BEGA’s annual report in seminars during weeks 4 -7 of the semester. Please ensure you bring a copy of the annual report (soft or hard copies) to these seminars.

Bega Cheese Ltd (BEGA) is a public company and is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).


Before commencing this assignment, I strongly suggest that you read the company profile (you can access it from the url above).

The annual reports for BEGA Ltd can be downloaded from:

As the annual reports are long, I suggest you do not print out hard copies, instead save a soft copy (and save your money and trees). Please refer to the seminar schedule in the course guide ard(also available as a word document from the course content tab on Blackboard): note the weeks you are required to bring the annual reports to your seminar.


You will need access to the 2013, 2012 and 2011 annual reports for this assignment and for the related class folio exercises of the semester.


Please note very well: This is an individual assignment, you must submit only your own individual work, and you must not submit any work written by another individual without correct acknowledgement (i.e. in text citation and reference).


Length: The total report should be a maximum of 3500 words.


 Provide a written report based on the following:


  1. Financial Analysis

Choose five ONLY of the ratios you have calculated in the seminars: Analyse and interpret these financial ratios for BEGA for the years 2011, 2012 and 2013. Please note you must use the formulas from the prescribed textbook to calculate the ratios. You should choose five ratios that you believe provide significant information about BEGA, describe and interpret these ratios and explain why these ratios are significant.

You will have the opportunity to calculate these ratios as part of your folio exercises during class seminars.


  1. A critical analysis of the other information provided in the 2013 Annual Report with respect to the financial health of BEGA. This critical analysis should be based around your selection of two sections of the report as outlined below:


Choose TWO of the following sections from BEGA’s 2013 Annual report to use in your discussion:

·      Directors’ Report;

·      Chief Executive Officer’s review of operations and activities;

·      Corporate governance statement



  1. A discussion of other information available from the public domain regarding BEGA’s financial health e.g. newspaper reports etc. This section requires you to undertake research about BEGA Ltd outside the annual report and the BEGA website.


Please refer to the marking rubric for detailed information regarding how this assignment will be marked 
40 marks (40 % of total grade)


General instructions

This is an individual assignment; all assignments will be checked via Turnitin for originality and correct acknowledgement of references. Please refer to the first exercise completed in the seminars to revise your understanding of plagiarism and collusion before completing this assignment.


The word count does not include the executive summary, introduction, tables, conclusion or list of references.


The report for this assignment must have the following sections:

1.     Executive summary

2.     Introduction

3.     A table of the ratios you have calculated and are discussing for BEGA to reference in your financial analysis

4.     Financial Analysis (analysis of ratios)

5.     Critical analysis of other information from Annual Report

6.     Discussion of information available in the public domain

7.     Conclusion

8.     List of references


All sources must be cited correctly using the Harvard referencing system


Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 09/10/2014 12:00 am
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