Project #38977 - Time Management Research Paper


This is a Research paper with a “3 step Assignment” that must be done exactly to the instructions!


Topic of Project for all 3 assignments:  Time Management:  A Critical asset for every employee.”


This is a very important aspect in Management studies. Discuss various types of people, such as the procrastinator, the perfectionist and so on, as well as the varied approaches to time management. You can begin by discussing how time management is the focus of all actions intended to improve efficiency and how it mainly involves setting achievable goals. Include the skills involved, such as delegating, scheduling, planning, decision making and so on.


1st Assignment:  State your project's problem, sub-problems, data needed, assumptions and delimitations, importance of the study, and hypothesis.


2nd Assignment:  Complete a “Literature Review” of the topic which should examine related articles, books, speeches, et cetera, that deals with your research problem “Time Management:  A critical asset for every employee.”   Take care to properly describe, evaluate and synthesize any appropriate theoretical perspectives and any research findings relating to the problem and sub-problems that have been identified. The Literature Review should include previous research in the general area, new ideas and perspectives, and numerous sources of data that support your point of view.  Make sure you include the required Reference page(s) listing all cited works.  You should have a minimum of 15 to 20 references and citations. 


A Literature Review is like a term paper- it is a short review of literature describing the work of others regarding the topic(s). It is usually a brief 8-10 pages of the information you have looked at that justifies your responses and recommendations to the implementation of the issue and shows the uniqueness of your point of view.


A Literature Review provides background and discusses the published body of knowledge that will be used in the research effort. In a Literature Review, each paragraph should address who wrote "what" and how that "what" relates to the management issue.


In a Literature Review, it is necessary to cite references wherever possible in order to establish that there is a consensus among researchers that the issue(s) addressed in the literature are indeed important ones.


Review the literature – don't reproduce it!


Researchers should know the literature regarding their topic very very well (Leedy and Ormrod, 2005,). And according to the Leedy and Ormrod (p. 77) in a good literature review, the researcher does not merely report the related literature; he or she also evaluates, organizes and synthesizes what others have done.


The literature review provides the researcher:


•new ideas and perspectives


•previous researchers in the general area


•numerous sources of data


•ways of interpret your finds and that of others.


There is a plethora of sources and strategies for finding related literature: books, journals, newspapers, government publications, and Websites and Online Databases to name just a few.


Be sure to check out your direct link (in the tools to the left) to Management Resources in the Webster University Library.


To organize the Literature Review section:


•You should start with an introduction.


•Follow the introductions with generalizations about what is written, and then move to specifics.


•You should then offer evidence that support your point of view.


•Lastly, you should restate you ideas and summarize your findings from the literature.


Here are a few tips for a successful Literature Review:


Make certain:


1.Your introduction catches the reader's attention and establishes the direction/focus.


2.You have organized your evidence effectively.


3.You have provided sufficient evidence to make your case convincing.


4.You have ascertained your conclusion follows logically from the evidence you have presented.


5.You eliminate any of your own ideas/comments.


6.You have proofread your materials carefully.










  • 3rd Assignment:  Final Report of Research topic.  25-30 pages content, which includes all chapters of the report (Basically this last assignment is a culmination of the previous two assignments with additional research into one paper).

    This Research Paper must include the following:


  • Problem identification
  • sub-problems,
  • data sources,
  • assumptions and delimitations,
  • importance of this study,
  • hypothesis,
  • literature review,
  • conclusions based on research findings,
  • assess if hypothesis was, or was not, supported by the findings, and
  • Recommendations to management.


At least 15 to 20 references and citations.


Be sure you are using an acceptable academic style, such as APA.


Change verbs to the past tense because you are putting forth your hypothesis and reporting what has happened instead of what you expect to happen.

Check that you are not using the first person (I, me) in the report.












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Due By (Pacific Time) 09/07/2014 12:00 am
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