Project #38598 - MT450 Unit 8 Learning activities

Web Field Trip

You will do a review of the given websites about social networking and its impact on marketing. Your paper should range between one to two pages of content and include two to four in-text citations for references.

Social networking is the practice of expanding the number of one's business and/or social contacts by making connections through individuals. While social networking has gone on almost as long as societies themselves have existed, the unparalleled potential of the Internet to promote such connections is only now being fully recognized and exploited, through Web-based groups established for that purpose (2008).

Examples of social networking sites: Facebook™, Myspace™, LinkedIn™, YouTube™, Twitter™, and Ning™

Visit the links in the Webliography tab and answer the following question:

  • How has the growth of Social Networking on the Internet impacted today’s marketing environment?

In your paper make sure to include the following critical elements.

Critical elements:

  • View the websites and articles listed as Unit 8 Learning Activity provided under the Webliography tab in this course.
  • Create your own social networking history timeline depicting at least six important events from 1990 to present that have influenced social networking and on-line marketing
  • Describe the importance of the six historical events regarding social networking history that you think have impacted the way companies market their products and/or services.
  • Explain what businesses thought were the ways to market themselves over the Internet initially? What were the strengths and weaknesses of that way of marketing? How does that different from what actually happened with regard to marketing and social networking?
  • Describe how social networking has impacted your purchasing habits on the Internet or how you think it could positively impact your future purchasing habits.

Respond in a minimum of 1-2 pages (12 pt. font and double spaced) and submit your paper to the Learning Activity Dropbox.

Review the Rubric below for additional details on the Web Field Trip activity.

Practice Learning Activity: Please take time to complete the interactive learning activity on AMEX here. This is a non-graded activity that will help you practice important concepts and skills covered in this unit and assist you in the successful completion of Assignments, Discussions, and Seminars.

Practice Activity Promotion AMEX

Vango Notes Audio Study Tool

Vango study tools provide the "“need to know”" information you need to succeed inside and outside the classroom. Vango notes allow you to work on your active listening skills, which is a key trait of marketing managers. In addition, you will learn about topics relating to each unit of the course. After listening to each chapter in the Vango notes, make sure to take the audio practice test, audio flash cards Quiz, and rapid review drill session at the end of the audio presentation. The Vango Notes allow you to prepare and practice a wide range of topics pertaining to marketing management. The steps include the following:

Listen to the topic. At the end of each topic there will be practice questions on the material. You will be given practice questions and two possible answers. Pause and think about your answer. The correct answer will be given with an explanation in some cases.

[Vango Notes with audio Quiz and audio flash cards, Chapter 15 Pearson Publishing].

[Vango Notes with audio Quiz and audio flash cards, Chapter 16 Pearson Publishing].

[Vango Notes with audio Quiz and audio flash cards, Chapter 17 Pearson Publishing].

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