Project #38528 - ASSIGNMENT #2

Please choose one of the following videos:

  • Peter Singer’s Ethics :
  • Slavoj Zizek in Examined Life:
  • Martin Luther King Jr. on NBC’s Meet the Press in 1965:
  • Alan Keyes v. Barack Obama debate on death penalty:

For this assignment, you will outline at least one of the arguments that you believe are made in the video you selected. In your outline:

  • Identify the issue that is addressed and the conclusion that is presented.
  • Identify the premises that are given in support of that conclusion.
  • Explain whether or not you think the argument is convincing by presenting your reasons for this position. If you do not have evidence for your position, you should consult scholarly materials that relate to the position you present.

Here is an example of an outline about an argument from the Monty Python Argument Clinic video. Utilize the same structure found in the example, but be sure to provide enough detail to satisfactorily complete all aspects of the prompt.

There is no minimum word count, but you must include a title page and reference page in APA style. The only required resource for this assignment is the multimedia source you chose to analyze. This should be the source that you primarily use to complete the assignment. Secondary sources are welcome but not necessary, and they should not be used in place of the argument piece you selected

Required Resources

To successfully complete this assignment, please make sure to review the following examples of arguments in media. These argument examples can be used to help you identify what arguments in the media may look like. You must find your own argument in the media for your discussion post, but these examples may help you in that process. It is not necessary to view all examples, but it is encouraged that you view as many as necessary to fully grasp the concept of arguments in media.

  1. Eidos84. (2010, Nov. 27). Peter Singer’s ethics[Video file]. Retrieved from
    • This video introduces students to the arguments that Peter Singer uses in his ethical philosophy. Transcript
  2. Juliot37. (2009, October 10) Slavoj Zizek in Examined Life[Video File]. Retrieved from
    • Dotsub. (n.d.). Transcript for Slavoj Zizek on Examined Life [Transcript]. Retrieved from
  3. Kolodziej, M. (2013). Arguments in media (Example). Office of Assessment Strategies & Instructional Systems, Ashford University, Clinton, IA.
    • This document serves as an example of how arguments appear in the media and how they can be broken into their component parts.
  4. MontyPython. (2008, Nov. 14). Argument clinic[Video file]. Retrieved from
    • The argument sketch. (2009). In [Trasncript]. Retrieved from
  5. NBC News. (2012, January 13). Martin Luther King Jr. on NBC’s Meet the Press in 1965[Video file]. Retrieved from
    • NBC Learn. (2012). Meet the Press: Martin Luther King, Jr. on the Selma March [Transcript]. Retrieved from
  6. Stopexecutions. (2008, July 14). Alan Keyes v. Barack Obama debate on death penalty[Video file]. Retrieved from
    • Free Republic. (2004). Keyes vs. Obama – Debate two – Transcript! [Transcript]. Retrieved from

Subject Philosophy
Due By (Pacific Time) 08/30/2014 12:00 am
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