Project #38068 - Reserch paper


Research, paraphrase, and citation exercise


Finding, paraphrasing, and properly citing your research.






What you will do




1.  Research


2. Paraphrase


3. Use an in text citation in your paraphrase


4. Create an APA Reference List






What you must pass in




  • An original passage from each of four sources of your choosing

  • A paraphrase of each of those passages with a correct in text citation

  • An APA style Reference List of the four sources you used.




Resources you can use to complete this assignment



  • Resources posted in this folder
  • Each other
  • Your text book
  • Citation Machine 
  • Knight Cite 
  • Diana Hacker web site
  • OWL




You may also access these web sites by opening the Conducting Research folder in this lesson.




Given these tools, there is no reason your paraphrases, citations, and list of references should not be perfect. 





Steps you should take to complete this assignment




1.  Research


  • Decide on a topic you would like to know more about.  This topic MAY be the same topic you are using for any of your essays, in this or another class, but it does not have to be.  That is up to you. 


  • Research your topic using

    • the internet

    • an online data base such as Proquest

    • online encyclopedias or almanacs

    • a library catalogue

    • other sources of information you can think of



  • Choose at least four sources which you might use if you were to write a paper on your topic.  I do not want four web sites, or four magazine articles.  I want a mix of sources. 


So, your sources must be from at least two different types of publication or media, for example a:


    • magazine article, either from an on line data base or in print

    • scholarly journal article, either from an on line data base or in print

    • newspaper, either from an on line data base or in print

    • book

    • personal communication

    • document with a corporate or group author

    • television show

    • film, video, or DVD

    • personal or professional website






2.  Paraphrase


  • Find one SHORT paragraph in each of your four sources that you find interesting.  If you choose to paraphrase a piece of writing that is more than 7 lines, I will give you zero points for that paraphrase.


  • Copy the short paragraph exactly, either by using a copying machine or scanner, cutting and pasting, or by typing the passage out, word for word, using quotations.


  • Now, write your own paraphrase of the paragraph.


  • Use in text citations to cite the paraphrases





3. Create an APA Reference List


  • Using the four sources you have chosen, write a Reference List


    To see a sample APA Reference list, go to



    and click on ‘sample paper’ then scroll to the end to see a reference list.






Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 08/18/2014 11:12 am
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