Project #38041 - international human resource management

Assessment 1:

Criteria Must be followed 

Word Count: 1500-2000 words (excluding the final reference list)

Type Assignment: Individual

Topic:Undertake research to examine current trends and emerging issues within the field of International Human Resource Management(IHRM).What are some contrasting and re3cent frameworks, models and perspectives applied within the field of IHRM?





 Your assignment should:

  1. Follow an essay format which means no headings

2.    Include a minimum of 5 academic & peer reviewed journal articles that are relevant to IHRM.

3.    Include relevant books, websites in addition to the journal articles.

4.    Summarize, synthesize, or critique your sources by discussing a common theme or issue.

5.    You should evaluate your sources.

  1. Be aware your assignment is an academic work, which basically means you must adhere to logic structure and elegant editing style. Also be aware of the plagiarism policy. The following guidelines should be utilised in preparing Assignment #1:
  2.            Type on one side of the page;

      Use Times New Roman 12 point font;

      Use 1.5 spacing;

      Justify the margins;

      Number each page consecutively;

      Leave a margin of at least 3 cms on all sides of the pages; and

      Staple or clip the entire critiques (do not place the two critiques in a folder);

      Harvard or APA reference style must be used if your assignment contains references; no minimum number of references is required.


Criteria for Grading Written Work:

a. Planning (30%) – selecting and weighing relevant and reliable evidence, and structuring valid arguments based on that evidence showing discrimination in selecting key points and summarising the issues; a coherent, logical ‘flow’ of arguments from one point to the next; no point discussed in excess of its relevance to the main question.

b. Content – Understanding (30%) – demonstrating a broad and deep knowledge of the substantive subject-matter, including but not limited to the set textbooks and readings, particularly those most relevant to the question: covering all major viewpoints relating to the set question or your own selected topic.

c. Content – Analysis (30%) – demonstrating your own independent and critical thinking in reaching conclusions (e.g., not merely ‘parroting’ arguments, or making untested assumptions, on matters open to dispute).

d. Referencing - (10%) Accurate citation of references using the Harvard or APA system


Additional information for Assessment 1 Essay International Human Resource Management

The following information supports the Assessment 1 instructions detailed on pages 6 and 7 of the unit Guide and previous communications in the lectures and tutorials.

1.     Your task is to undertake research (via academic textbooks and peer reviewed academic journals (note point 2 on page 7 of the Unit Guide).

2.     Please ensure you keep to the topic which largely focusses on current trends and emerging issues in the field of International Human Resource Management (refer page 6 of the Unit Guide).

3.     Remember that an essay format means there are no headings (refer Jane Summers and Brett Smith book titled Communication Skills Handbook published by John Wiley & Sons which has some useful guidelines and also a sample essay-in section 5 of the book).

4.     A useful place to start is to develop an essay plan which contains broad headings and a structure to guide the logical flow of paragraphs. You may not be able to complete the plan until you have a clear idea of what some of the themes will be.

5.     The essay can have the topic typed in bold at the top of the page followed by the introductory paragraph which may be broadly about International Human Resource management and how it has emerged as an important discipline. Usually as it is broad the introduction will allocate a few lines to International Human Resource Management with a reference to an author or set of authors from a textbook. The second part of the first paragraph will introduce the purpose of the essay or paper and what will be discussed (such as contrasting views and perspectives about International Human Resource Management. The example used in Summers and Smith shows this approach (refer scanned image).

6.     The type of research is often termed as desk based research and in particular requires a systematic approach in searching for recent scholarly textbooks and peer reviewed articles from journals relevant to the management and Human Resource management fields (refer some suggested journals or periodicals listed on page 11 of the Unit Guide).

7.     You need to go to the Library page and initially conduct a preliminary search through Google Scholar using key words. Check the use of Boolean Operators which can include or exclude words. The use of key words closed under quotation marks will minimise risk of finding totally fragmented and irrelevant information. Key words can be extracted from the topic such as “emerging issue” AND “International Human Resource Management” or “current trends” or “challenges and issues” in International Human Resource management”. You might also select perspectives or empirical studies as other terms to include in your search. In addition you might have an additional key word such as MNcs and International Human Resource Management.

8.     Having explored Google Scholar and sourced a PDF from the right margin where available through VU is noted, you might then go to advance search capabilities through Emerald or EBsco-Host(Business Source Premier and Academic Source Premier).These database are located under the databases section under the index.

9.     A question arises so what are likely to be some themes and perspectives from recent scholarly journals? Some examples that come to mind are: Risk management issues and the changing role of International Human Resource Management (one example is  supporting activities with Not for Profit organisations), contrasting studies concerning how International Human Resource management is perceived by companies, new and emerging areas such as integrating Human Resources with knowledge management and challenges in managing acquisitions and mergers. Until you find some articles it is difficult to predict the themes. Please avoid reliance on one dominant theme or a few authors’ opinions. Point out the strengths and limitations of views and use third person language to remain critical in your analysis.

10.   Please ensure you avoid direct quotes and only paraphrase author views to avoid plagiarism. Use proper citation methods such as Harvard referencing (no footnotes in management subjects).

Finally, any additional questions will be addressed in class.


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Due By (Pacific Time) 08/24/2014 06:00 am
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