Project #37970 - Business Communication

Assignment | Unit 2

The Letter Package

Your Assignment involves a combination of web research and writing. You are the marketing 

director for Snyder Software based in your hometown and your company is considering 

overseas markets for your products. You have chosen two countries that you believe will be 

good overseas markets for your software – you may choose whatever software product you 

wish to have your company manufacture, and you may choose whatever countries are of 

interest to you. Your international research begins with learning about the countries, how 

business is conducted, and what expectations are for correspondence. For each of the two 

countries you have chosen, prepare letters of introduction to send to distributors within that 

country introducing yourself, your company, your product, and your interest in working with 

them. Locate distributors that actually exist in your chosen countries. Make certain your letters 

meet the cultural expectations of the countries you selected based on your research. Letters 

should be 1 page long each. 

Scenario: Anne Snyder, President of Snyder Software wants to review your letters before they 

are sent out. She has requested that you draft the letters and submit them to her. She also 

wants you to write a memo to her to accompany the letters that clearly outlines the research you 

conducted, the sources you reviewed, the information you gathered, and the criteria you used to 

draft the letters of introduction. Write a memo of no fewer than 750 words and no more than 

1000 to the president that summarizes the work you have done. The memo should include your 

list of at least four viable references, following APA.

Your letter package submission will demonstrate your ability to research, summarize that 

research, document the research (remember your APA citations and referencing from the 

Discussion), and prepare additional documents based on information gathered. Submit the letter 

package as a single Word file, just as you would attach the file to your company president in 

business. Your letter package will include the memo to Snyder, and the requested drafts of the 

two letters. Remember to check your punctuation, spelling and grammar before submission to 

the Dropbox. 

Checklist summary: 

• Choose software Snyder manufactures. 

• Research 2 country markets and their business and correspondence practices. 

• Summarize the research and document it using APA format and style.

[ GB512 | Business Communications ]• Write two letters of introduction to actual distributors (one for each country). Introduce 

yourself, product, and your interest in working with them. 

• Write a memo (750–1000 words) addressed to your boss, President of Snyder Software, 

outlining research you conducted, sources reviewed, information gathered, and criteria 

for introduction letters to distributors.

• Submit as a single Word file to the Dropbox after checking your punctuation, spelling, 

and grammar.

This site may prove helpful:

Reference (2003-2012). The International Business Center. Retrieved from

You should also visit the Kaplan University Writing Center link on letters –


Directions for Submitting Your Letter Package 

This Letter Package is due by the end of Unit 2. Put your letter package in a Microsoft® Word 

document. Save it in a location with a title you will remember and that includes your name. To 

submit, go to the Dropbox and click on the Unit 2: Letter Package link and follow the 

instructions. Make sure that you save a copy of the paper you submit. Important! Submit one 

word file that contains all pages.

Unit 2 Letter Package

Grading Criteria Possibl

e Points

Memo to Snyder puts the bottom line on top, clearly stating the purpose of the 

correspondence; memo is organized clearly and flows logically and 


0–10Memo includes a summary of the research conducted, the sources reviewed, 

the information gathered, and the criteria used to draft the letters of 



Memo includes an APA formatted References page citing no fewer than four 

viable references. All sources listed on the References page are cited in the 

body of the memo to Snyder.


Memo is no fewer than 750 words, and no more than 1000. 0–5

Letter to business in country #1 introduces you, your company, the company 

product, and your company’s interest in doing business with the overseas 

market. Letter is no more than one page and demonstrates cultural sensitivity. 

Letter format is correct.


Letter to business in country #2 introduces you, your company, the company 

product, and your company’s interest in doing business with the overseas 

market. Letter is no more than one page and demonstrates cultural sensitivity. 

Letter format is correct.



*Any submission containing grammatical errors that are so serious as to interfere with 

delivery of the message earns a grade of 0. Serious grammatical errors include 

sentence errors – fragments, run-on sentences, comma splices. Further, errors in 

coherence, punctuation, organization, and logic have the potential to earn a grade of 0. 

Such errors present a serious obstacle in conveying your ideas and submissions 

containing such errors cannot earn a passing grade. At the professor’s discretion, 

revisions may be permitted.

**Any proposal found to contain more than 15% direct quote will be subject to scrutiny 

for violation of Kaplan University’s Policy of Academic Integrity and point deduction 

could be substantially higher depending upon the prevalence of direct quote. Any 

submission that is plagiarized or otherwise violates academic integrity will earn a grade 

of “0” and the incident will be reported to the Provost’s Office.

Any submission that fails to address the topic given or the assignment goal will earn a 

grade of 0 and/or a request for revision by the instruct

Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 08/18/2014 12:00 pm
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