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Credibility of web sites assignment


Check assignment sheet for due date





Your assignment is to choose four different web sites and convince your reader that they are or are not credible sources of information. 25 points.




Note: What kind of sites to use:



Use sites that present the kind of information you might use in a research paper. For example, you might use a .gov site if you were researching demographics or public health, or voting trends. You might use a site like the American Cancer Society or the Mayo Clinic, or Medline if you were researching cancer. You might use the Audobon Society if you were researching birds.


ï‚· Do not use any .com sites – those are commercial sites designed to sell something.


ï‚· Do not use Wikipedia – that is an online encyclopedia, not a website as such.




ï‚· Do not use the CPTC website.


ï‚· Use cites that present academically researched information – NOT shopping sites, social networks, search engines or the like!



To assess the sites, follow the guidelines in the OWL piece below.


ï‚· Give each site a rating – one to four stars.


One star means ‘I would not use this site as a credible source under any circumstances’


Four stars means ‘I feel completely comfortable using this site for a research report on which my grade depends’


ï‚· Write an assessment for each site in paragraph or list form explaining your rating. Address each of these issues:


ï‚· Goals of the site


ï‚· Presumed audience of the site


ï‚· How you found the site


ï‚· Authorship of the site


ï‚· Address


ï‚· Accuracy of the information


ï‚· Assess four different sites of your choosing.



ï‚· Write a separate assessment for each site.




Be sure to read the handout from OWL on the next page.


Watch the video in this folder.


See the example of student work in this folder.


Read the following posting from OWL carefully. Brought to you by the Purdue University Online Writing Lab.

Evaluating Internet Sources

Internet sources can be very timely and very useful, but they should not be your sole source of information because there are also books, journals, government publications, brochures, newspapers, etc. to read, and knowledgeable people to interview.

Evaluating Internet sources is particularly difficult because anyone can put up anything he or she wants to on the Internet. There is no way to monitor what’s there and no fact checking, though there are some site ratings you can check.

Be sure to document what you find on the Internet in such a way that others can locate what you found. This is most easily done when you accessed the data. Include the date you accessed the material since it can be changed or updated later on. Be sure to browse around on the Web site to be sure you know who the author is, what the sponsoring organization is, and so on so that you can cite the source fully and so that you can evaluate it properly before including it in your paper.

Look carefully at the following when you evaluate the credibility of a site

Goals of the site

ï‚· What is the purpose of the site? To provide information? Advertise? Persuade?

ï‚· Are the goals of the site clearly indicated?

ï‚· Who is the intended audience?

ï‚· Is there a lot of flash and color and gimmicks to attract attention? Is that masking a lack of sound information or a blatant attempt to get you to do or buy something?


How did you find the site? Were there links from reputable sites? From ads?

If you found the site through a search engine, that means only that the site has the words in the topic you are researching prominently placed or used with great frequency.

If you found the site by browsing through a subject directory, that may mean only that someone at


Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 08/11/2014 11:00 pm
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