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In your textbook, carefully study Chapters 6 and 7.

Question 1 of 20

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Customer __________ is the degree to which a product meets or exceeds customer expectations.

  A. delight          

  B. satisfaction

  C. perceived value        

  D. perceived benefits

Question 2 of 20

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__________ are environmental stimuli that influence a particular action.

  A. Cues              

  B. Drives           

  C. Motivations                

  D. Norms


Question 3 of 20

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__________ is the statistical analysis of large databases for the purpose of discovering hidden pieces of information.

  A. Customer differentiation     

  B. Data mining                

  C. Customization           

  D. Customer relationship management


Question 4 of 20

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Applying __________, marketers can affect demand for a product by associating it with strong drives, using motivating cues, and providing positive reinforcement.

  A. subliminal perception            

  B. social classes              

  C. the learning process               

  D. problem/opportunity recognition


Question 5 of 20

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Which of the following descriptions most accurately characterizes members of Generation X in comparison to members of Generation Y?

  A. They have more established careers.             

  B. They are more immersed in social media.     

  C. They are eligible for AARP membership.       

  D. They control the majority of American financial assets.


Question 6 of 20

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A __________ is a graphical representation of the ratio between product benefits and costs.

  A. fair value matrix       

  B. value map   

  C. loyalty map

  D. data mine


Question 7 of 20

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Which of the following types of information would a company be LEAST interested in collecting using a CRM system?

  A. Customers' academic records            

  B. Customers' ages       

  C. Customers' jobs       

  D. Customers' marital status


Question 8 of 20

5.0 Points

Shania works hard to foster an emotional relationship between her Internet customers and the beauty products and services that she and her staff sell. By promoting a company culture that values exceptional value and service, Shania aims to create __________ by going beyond the expected.

  A. customer delight     

  B. customer satisfaction             

  C. switchable customers            

  D. neutral customers

Question 9 of 20

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A __________ consists of the actions a person is expected to perform in a group.

  A. motive         

  B. role                

  C. lifestyle        

  D. life stage


Question 10 of 20

5.0 Points

__________ is a cognitive impression of incoming stimuli that influences an individual's behavior.

  A. Personality

  B. Perception  

  C. Attitude       

  D. Learning


Question 11 of 20

5.0 Points

__________ involve a like, dislike, or ambivalence toward something.

  A. Motivations               

  B. Reference groups    

  C. Attitudes     

  D. Cues

Question 12 of 20

5.0 Points

It is MOST accurate to say that customers buy from stores and companies that offer which of the following?

  A. The highest value for the dollar         

  B. The highest customer perceived value           

  C. The highest level of customer satisfaction    

  D. The most attractive company image


Question 13 of 20

5.0 Points

The buying process starts with __________, in which the buyer recognizes a need or want.

  A. problem/opportunity recognition    

  B. an information search            

  C. product awareness

  D. product interest

Question 14 of 20

5.0 Points

Relationship marketing requires a company to make both a __________ and a __________.

  A. short-term plan; transactional plan  

  B. short-term plan; data mining plan    

  C. long-term plan; proper investment of company resources   

  D. long-term plan; formal CRM commitment


Question 15 of 20

5.0 Points

Rashmi Singh always knows about the trendiest fashions. She actively shares her knowledge with a wide group of friends and colleagues about where to shop for cutting-edge fashion at great deals, and her advice is often followed. Rashmi is an example of a(n) :

  A. norm.           

  B. subliminal influence.              

  C. opinion leader.         

  D. product researcher.


Question 16 of 20

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A company would be MOST likely to use which of the following to weed out unprofitable customers and target the most profitable ones for pampering?

  A. CPV               

  B. CSR

  C. NGO              

  D. CLV


Question 17 of 20

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A __________ is a set of conditions that creates a drive toward action to fulfill a need or want.

  A. stimulus       

  B. perception  

  C. belief            

  D. motivation

Question 18 of 20

5.0 Points

Frequent flier miles are an example of __________ programs.

  A. customer differentiation      

  B. customer identification         

  C. loyalty           

  D. customer lifetime


Question 19 of 20

5.0 Points

FedEx offers its customers fast and reliable package delivery. When FedEx customers weigh these benefits against the monetary cost of using FedEx along with any other costs of using the service, they are acting upon:

  A. loyalty.         

  B. relationship marketing.         

  C. customer perceived value.  

  D. share of wallet.


Question 20 of 20

5.0 Points

Tommy Gray attempts to deliver customer satisfaction every day in his Audio Expressions installation business. He is a smart operator who knows that the key to this goal is to match __________ with __________.

  A. company performance; competition              

  B. company performance; competitive prices  

  C. customer expectations; service quality          


  D. company performance; unique products

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