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Please be sure to check over it to make sure you know the answers all multiple choice you do a good job I got some more for you..the score needs to be about 80% or above Thanks 

If your unable to comply I'll just do it myself but lets see how this works out first you can make some extra money and I dont need to read a book.

Question 1 of 20

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Which of the following is a consumer product?

  A. Salt and gravel used by cities to spread on icy roads

  B. A bulk package of tissues to be separated and resold at a convenience store               

  C. A bag of potato chips to be eaten by an individual    

  D. A carton of tomatoes to be used at a restaurant

Question 2 of 20

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In a basic SWOT analysis, the "S" stands for:

  A. situation.     

  B. solutions.    

  C. satisfactions.              

  D. strengths

Question 3 of 20

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A marketer who first identifies consumer needs and then creates value by providing products that satisfy those needs is practicing the:

  A. sales orientation.     

  B. marketing concept.

  C. customer lifetime value concept.     

  D. production orientation.








Question 4 of 20

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Risk-taking and the promise of servicing a product after purchase are examples of __________ functions.

  A. exchange    

  B. facilitating   

  C. consumer    

  D. public


Question 5 of 20

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Large business purchasers usually call for detailed product specifications, written purchase orders, careful supplier searches, and formal approval. These are all examples of how the business buying process is more __________ than the consumer buying process.

  A. formalized  

  B. creative        

  C. opinion-based           

  D. independent

Question 6 of 20

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Which of the following is the BEST example of a service?

  A. The medical examination Jonathon had yesterday   

  B. The sheet music purchased by the piano teacher      

  C. The software Monica purchased from a website       

  D. The cleaning supplies purchased for the veterinarian's office






Question 7 of 20

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According to your textbook, modern marketing has its roots in all of the following EXCEPT:

  A. anthropology.           

  B. economics.

  C. psychology.                

  D. sociology.     Reset Selection


Question 8 of 20

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Which of the following marketing orientations was prevalent during the years of the Great Depression?

  A. Product        

  B. Social responsibility

  C. Consumer   

  D. Sales

Question 9 of 20

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Business legislation has been created for three basic reasons: to protect companies from each other, to protect consumers, and to:

  A. protect the interests of society.        

  B. regulate prices.         

  C. increase world trade.             

  D. regulate monopolies.







Question 10 of 20

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A company would most likely use the Porter analysis for which of the following?

  A. Determining whether or not to expand a brand into a new market segment               

  B. Assessing employee understanding of and commitment to company values                

  C. Identifying shifting cultural values relevant to the company's products           

  D. Identifying lobbying efforts with the highest likelihood of success

Question 11 of 20

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The vice president of marketing for a software development company wants "to increase new business customers by 20% within the next two years." This is an example of a:

  A. marketing objective.              

  B. business vision.        

  C. business mission.     

  D. strategic plan.

Question 12 of 20

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When the makers of a line of ballpoint pens state that they are in the communication equipment business, they are defining their mission too:

  A. narrowly.    

  B. realistically.

  C. specifically.

  D. broadly.







Question 13 of 20

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AMA stands for the:

  A. Advertising and Marketing Association.         

  B. Advertising and Marketing Agency.

  C. Association of Market Advertisers.  

  D. American Marketing Association.

Question 14 of 20

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Columbia Sportswear makes nylon activewear. Its marketing manager set a goal to use greater promotional efforts to increase by 12% over the next three years the sales of the company's line of comfortable, lightweight clothing for people who fish. Columbia Sportswear's marketing manager is engaged in:

  A. portfolio planning.  

  B. strategic planning.   

  C. tactical planning.      

  D. mass marketing.

Question 15 of 20

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Strategic planning is typically completed by a company's __________, while tactical planning is typically completed by a company's __________.

  A. marketing function; various business functions         

  B. marketing function; top management            

  C. various business functions; top management             

  D. top management; various business functions






Question 16 of 20

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In marketing terms, B2B stands for:

  A. buyer-to-buyer.       

  B. buyer-to-business.

  C. business-to-buyer.

  D. business-to-business.

Question 17 of 20

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A company's business mission serves as a statement of:

  A. fact.               

  B. achievement.            

  C. purpose.      

  D. financial goals.

Question 18 of 20

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In the BCG matrix, income from __________ can be used to help finance the company's question marks and stars.

  A. dogs              

  B. cash cows    

  C. SWOTs          

  D. overseas operations

Question 19 of 20

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Which of the following would a company most likely use to conduct a marketing audit?

  A. the Five Forces of Competitive Position Model          

  B. ROMI analysis            

  C. the BCG matrix         

  D. CRM analysis

Question 20 of 20

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In recent years, security regulations initiated by the federal government through the Transportation Safety Administration affected Southwest Airlines. These regulations are part of the __________ affecting this airline.

  A. external environment           

  B. internal environment             

  C. competitive environment    


  D. brand strategies

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