Project #37098 - Learning Online

Assessment overview 

Select a specific topic (such as a sporting team, a small town, a particular food etc.) and discuss how this topic can be researched online.

Assessment details 

You will need to select a topic of interest and then research that topic online, making use of: 

1. Informational websites e.g. Wikipedia, Pinterest and Learnit 

2. Social media platforms e.g. Reddit, YouTube and Twitter. 

Note: These are just examples to help illustrate what informational websites and social media platforms are – you can discuss whatever sites you use in your exploration. 

Your assessment task is to produce a descriptive account that includes a paragraph on each of the following: 

1. Find a topic and select four (4) online sources (use a variety of sources) to help you 

learn about the topic.

2. Write a description about how your online sources helped you learn about your topic. 

The information on social constructivism may assist you with this aspect of this task. 

Also, consider the type of information included in the website, medium (words, 

pictures, moving images, spoken information) and the language used. 

3. Write an evaluation of the sites and platforms you explored and how and why you 

selected them.

4. Write a conclusion clearly stating your key learnings about the use of online resources 

for learning.

Assessment format 

This assessment is not a formal piece of writing, like an essay or report. You should use a writing style that is informal but informative, like the type of writing you commonly see on blogs – have a look at a few blogs online to get a better idea of the style of writing required for this assessment. 

You might consider using the four points listed in the assessment details as a guide, or even as sub-headings for your descriptive account. You can write in the first person but this does not mean that you should not take care with your expression, grammar, and spelling – correct language usage is a criterion for this assessment.

You must acknowledge the sources you use. 

Assessment criteria 

1. Description of how/why each online source has helped you learn more about the 

chosen topic. 

2. A brief evaluation of why you think your selections are good quality online sources. 

For example, the credibility/reliability of the sources (e.g. author or professional 

organisation), number of ‘hits’, comments and external links the sources provide 

(where appropriate) or how up-to-date the sources are. 

3. Structure - Your ideas are presented in a well-structured and logical order 

4. Appropriate language and expression with attention to correct spelling and grammar. 

5. Acknowledgement of sources – you’ve indicated where you your ideas have come 

from, and provided a list of references 

6. Conclusion – drawing together your ideas and summarizing what you have learnt 

about an online resource.

Subject General
Due By (Pacific Time) 08/03/2014 05:00 pm
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