Project #37092 - Integrated microsoft office assignment

Lab 8 - Integration Lab

Do the Practice It 22-1 assignment on p. 745 as modified below.

  1. Save the Sandbar CC Flyer document on your storage medium.

  2. In the fourth paragraph, replace the yellow highlighted text with an embedded pie chart that you create from within the Word document. Use the following as data for the chart:

    Business 359
    Chemistry 471
    English 1612
    Hospitality & Tourism 549
  3. In the chart object in the Word document, change the chart title to Distribution of Majors 2013–2015. Add data labels to the center of the pie slices that identify the percentage of each slice.

  4. Open the Excel data file SandbarNumber . Save the workbook as Sandbar CC Number.

  5. In the worksheet, copy the column chart to the Clipboard.

  6. In the Word document Sandbar CC Flyer, delete the green highlighted text, and then insert the chart as an embedded object using the destination theme.

  7. Edit the data in the embedded worksheet that contains the column chart so that Business in 2015 is 610 and Hospitality and Tourism in 2015 is 250.

  8. Resize both charts so they are as wide as the paragraphs in the document, and then change their height to approximately 2.6 inches. Make more adjustments as needed so that all the text and the two charts fit on one page. Save and close this file.

  9. Open the PowerPoint data file SandbarPresentation . Add your name as the subtitle, and then save the presentation as Sandbar CC Presentation.

  10. Link the column chart in the Excel file Sandbar CC Number to Slide 2 (“Number of Students Chart”) in the PowerPoint file Sandbar CC Presentation using the destination theme. Resize the chart to fill the space on the slide.

  11. Link the worksheet data in the Excel file Sandbar CC Number to Slide 3 (“Number of Students”) in the PowerPoint file Sandbar CC Presentation.

  12. If needed, edit the data in the Excel file Sandbar CC Number so that Business in 2015 is 610. Update the chart and data sheet in the PowerPoint presentation if necessary.

  13. Save the PowerPoint file, and then close it.

  14. Edit data in the Excel file so that Hospitality and Tourism in 2015 is 250.

  15. Re-open the PowerPoint file Sandbar CC Presentation. Examine both Slides 2 and 3, and manually update the links if necessary.

  16. Open the Excel data file SandbarCourses. Save the document as Sandbar CC Courses.

  17. Prepare the worksheet to be imported into Access by deleting the rows above the column labels and adding the label Dept. above the data in column A.

  18. Save the workbook, and then close it.

  19. Save the SandbarCC Access database on your storage medium.

  20. Import the Excel file Sandbar CC Courses into it to create a new table named Course. Make sure you indicate that the first row contains headers, and let Access set the primary key.

  21. Create a query named Business that lists only classes in the Business department. Resize columns as needed.

  22. Export the query results to a Word Rich Text File named Business Courses and remove the column for the primary key.

  23. Open the Word data file SandbarLetter . Save the document as Sandbar CC Letter.

  24. In the empty paragraph in the body of the letter, insert the text of the Word file Business Courses in the Word document Sandbar CC Letter. Format the table with the Header Row treated differently and the Banded Rows option set. Center the table horizontally.

  25. In the SandbarCC Access file, copy the Business query results to the Clipboard, and then paste them using the destination theme to Slide 4 (“Business Courses”) in the PowerPoint file Sandbar CC Presentation. Remove the first row in the pasted table and the primary key column.  Then change the font size of the text in the table to 24 points. Apply a table style with the Header Row treated differently, Size the columns to fit the data, and then center the table in the blank area on the slide.

  26. Import the Word outline SandbarOutline  so that the slides created from the outline appear after Slide 4 (“Business Courses”) in the PowerPoint file Sandbar CC Presentation.

  27. Verify the new Slides are slides 5–10, and then delete the blank Slide 10.

  28. In the PowerPoint file Sandbar CC Presentation, move Slide 5 (“Student Population”) so that it becomes Slide 2.

  29. In the Word file, Sandbar CC Letter, select the Letters main document type for the mail merge.

  30. Select the Access file SandbarCC as the data source. Select the Student table.

  31. Edit the recipient list by filtering it so that only students with an interest in Business are included in the mail merge.

  32. Insert the Address Block and Greeting Line merge fields at the beginning of the document below the date. Match fields as needed and remove the extra space after the first two lines in the address. In the Greeting Line merge field, use Dear as the salutation, choose just the first name as the name to be used in the greeting line, and choose a comma at the end of the line.

  33. Preview the document. Adjust the spacing after the Address Block merge field as needed.

  34. Check the document for errors by simulating the merge.

  35. Complete the merge by merging all the records to a new file. (There should be six letters.) Save the file as Sandbar CC Merged Letters.

  36. Close the merged document Sandbar CC Merged Letters. Turn the Preview off in the document Sandbar CC Letter, and then save and close the Sandbar CC Letter document.

  37. Close all open files, saving if prompted.

 Upload the Sandbar CC Merged Letters file, the Sandbar CC Presentation file, and the Sandbar CC Flyer file in the lab 8 module.



Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 08/09/2014 12:00 am
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