Project #37087 - Microsoft Access Beginner

Lab 6 - Access Database Lab

Loosly based on the ArtClasses assignments on pgs. 618 and 641 in your book.

  1. Save the data file ArtClasses18.accdb on your storage medium. If you have an older version of Access open ArtClasses18.mdb

  2. In the Instructors table, for Instructor ID CC-1201, change the value in the First Name and Last Name columns to your first and last names.

  3. Create one-to-many relationships between the primary Instructors table and the related Classes table using the InstructorID field, and between the primary Classes table and the related Students table using the ClassID field. In each relationship, enforce referential integrity, and select the option to cascade updates to related fields. Save and close the Relationships window.

  4. Use the Form Wizard to create a form containing a main form and a subform. Select all the fields from the Instructors table for the main form, and select the ClassID, ClassName, and Juniors fields from the Classes table for the subform. Use the Datasheet layout. Specify the title ClassesByInstructor for the main form and the title ClassesSubform for the subform.

  5. Change the form title text for the main form to Classes by Instructor.

  6. Change the line type for all the field value boxes on the main form except for the Full Time? check box to Dots.

  7. Resize columns in the subform to their best fit, and then move through the records in the main form and until you see the class name Clay Hand-building and Sculpture, and then resize the Class Name column to fit that class name.

  8. Save and close the ClassesByInstructor form.

  9. Create a query in Design view based on the Instructors and Classes tables. Add the LastName field from the Instructors table. Add the ClassID, ClassName, Juniors, Length, and Cost fields from the Classes table. Sort in ascending order on the LastName field, and then sort in ascending order by the ClassID field. Save the query as ClassesByInstructor, and then run it.

  10. Create a copy of the ClassesByInstructor query named JuniorsClasses. In Design View, modify the JuniorsClasses query to display all classes taught by instructors who allow teens (juniors) to participate. Do not remove the Junior field, just do not display the Juniors field in the query results. Save the query, and then run it.

  11. Create a copy of the JuniorsClasses query named JuniorsClassesLowCost. Modify the JuniorsClassesLowCost query to display only those classes taught by instructors who allow teens (juniors) to participate and that cost $100 or less. Do not display the Juniors field in the query results. Save the query, and then run it.

  12. In the JuniorsClassessLowCost query datasheet, calculate the total cost of the classes selected by the query. Save and close the query.

  13. Use the Report Wizard to create a report based on the primary Classes table and the related Students table. Select all fields from the Classes table, and select the FirstName, LastName, and BirthDate fields from the Students table. Do not select any additional grouping levels, and sort the detail records in ascending order by LastName. Choose the Outline layout and Landscape orientation. Specify the title StudentClasses for the report.

  14. Edit the report title so that it appears as Student Classes (two words); and change the font color of the title to Dark Blue.

  15. In Layout view, Right Align the Length and Cost field label boxes.  Change the Cost value to no decimal points and align the values so they are above each other

  16. Apply conditional formatting so that any Cost field value greater than 200 appears as bold and with the text color as Maroon.
  17. Make sure the page number is completely within the page border, moving the control as needed.

  18. Insert the data file Paint  as a logo in the report. Move the picture to the right of the report title, and resize it larger to fit the space.

  19. Select the first record and add alternate row colors that match your theme color to the report so the classes are clearly separated.

  20. Preview the entire report to confirm that it is formatted correctly. If necessary, return to Layout view, and make changes so that all field labels and field values are completely displayed. When you are finished, save and close the report.

  21. Compact and repair the ArtClasses18 database, and then close it. (Make sure the file is closed prior to uploading the file.)

    (will attach files since links are broken)

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Due By (Pacific Time) 08/03/2014 09:30 pm
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