Project #36450 - TRACKING THE BOOK

Another Bullshit Night in Suck City




As you read Another Bullshit Night in Suck City by Nick Flynn, you also will track your thoughts and observations through each section. PLEASE CLEARLY LABEL EACH SECTION BY NAME AND PAGE NUMBERS. This can be handwritten or typed or a combination of both. You must have all sections with you at all times. You will turn this in with your portfolio at end of semester.


For EACH section below:


1. You will make a list of the ideas, people, and places that Flynn mentions in that section.


2. Write down at least one quote that jumps out at you. (Make sure to write the page number of the quote.)


3. Make a note about the important thing to know from this section. In other words, if you were turning this memoir into a film, what information is essential from this section? What scenes are essential? This will help you in the future.


4. You also then will follow the guidelines below for each specific section. Answer the question by doing some focused freewriting.


Sections with Page Numbers:


Part One


automatic teller p. 3-5 (What stands out to you in this description? How long did it take you to understand it? What did you think about the way Flynn uses pronouns?) (in class M, 6/30)


the inventor of the life raft p.6 (What stories do your family members tell you about the past? Why does Flynn share these stories with us?) (in class M, 6/30)


apologist p. 7-11 (Which word that Flynn used to describe his father stayed with you? What did you think of the abridged story?) (for T, 7/1)


barracuda p. 12-15 (Why do you think Flynn titled this section what he did? What is the definition of barracuda? Do you think “Barracuda Buck, Native Guide” is a good nickname for Flynn’s father?) (for T, 7/1)


beacon hill p. 16-19 (Why do you think Flynn started Clare’s description of his mother, Jody, in quotes and then switched to italics? What do the inserted voices and his mother’s letter add to this?) (in class T, 7/1)


trader jon p. 20-22 (Make a list of all the nicknames you have had in your life. Beside each, write down how you got it? Did you give yourself any of them? If you have never had a nickname, write why you think that is. What has ABNISC made you think about the versions of stories you and others have told?) (in class, T, 7/1)

ulysses p. 23-24 (Does this section make you think of your own father/father-figure? Why or why not? What is the significance of the title? Does it fit with Flynn’s father?) (for W, 7/2)


winter p. 25 (What reaction do you have to this image? Have you seen this image in real life or in the movies?)

(for W, 7/2)


two hundred years ago p. 26-27 (What is your experience with alcoholism? Do you think that things were better in that village 200 years ago or today for mad or drunk people and their families?) (for W, 7/2)


the cage p. 28-32 (Have you ever worked or volunteered at a homeless shelter? If so, what did you do? If not, do you think you could do what Flynn did?) (in class W, 7/2)


funeral, unattended p. 33-36 (Have you ever returned to an old home? What was it like? If you haven’t, describe one home you would want to revisit? Why?) (for TH, 7/3)


hiss & fall p. 37-41 (What is the tone of this section? What conveys that to you?) (for TH, 7/3)


my dostoyesky p. 42-44 (What is the significance of this title? Do you think Flynn’s father was a writer? Are writers born or made?) (for TH, 7/3)


exterminator p. 45-48 ( What do you picture when you think of the word exterminator? How is it similar to what Flynn describes? How is it different?) (for TH, 7/3)


button man p. 49-53 (Record a snippet of an old letter, email, or social media post someone sent you or you sent someone. Where does it take you? Do you remember the first time you read or wrote it?) (in class TH, 7/3)


the time of your life p. 54-55 (Have you ever been to something like Medieval Manor or any other “theatre-restaurant” establishment? Describe it. What do you think the Medieval Manor patrons who ended up in the Pine Street Inn thought?) (in class TH, 7/3)


chet’s last call p. 56-59 (On page 59, Flynn writes, “At the shelter no one asks where you come from or why you ended up there.” What did this make you feel like? Did it make you think of any places that you have visited?) (for M, 7/7)


Part Two


fire p. 63-68 (Are you good at juggling jobs, school, family, and everything else? Describe a time when you had the most things you have had to juggle. Is that time right now? If not, do you miss it?) (for M, 7/7)


funeral, unattended p. 69-71 (Why did Flynn name this section the same as the one on 33-36? Which one is the stronger of the two sections? Why?) (for M, 7/7)


pear p. 72-76 (What does the title of this section have to do with the early love of horror Flynn described? What is your opinion of the horror genre?) (for M, 7/7)


turner’s special blend p. 77-78 (What is your hometown known for? Use Google to do a little research if you do not know. Are there any parallels with Flynn’s town? Do you think his genes or his location had a bigger influence on him?) (for M, 7/7)


practical joke p. 79-84 (Describe an uncomfortable situation that involved you. Was it more or less uncomfortable than Flynn hiding is his closet hearing Travis? Why?) (for M, 7/7)


slow-motion car wreck p. 85-91 (What did you learn about Flynn’s father in this section? What was the most important thing in your opinion?) (for M, 7/7)


dreamworld p. 92-93 (Describe the first time you were drunk or your first memory of trying alcohol. If you haven’t been drunk or tried alcohol, freewrite why, and describe a time alcohol touched your life.) (for M, 7/7)


the take p. 94-100 (Did you know anything about Patty Hearst before you read this? If so, what, and how did Flynn’s section expand your thoughts? If not, what was the most interesting thing you learned?) (for M, 7/7)


red sox p. 101-106 (On page 102, Flynn uses the word “sodden” to describe his belief. Why? What kind of image does that word put in your mind? Have you ever used a sports team like Flynn, his brother, and his mother did with the Red Sox? Describe if you have or if you haven’t, what things have united you with family or friends?) (in class M, 7/7)


chronic bafflement disorder p. 107-109 (Which one is easier—the truth or a lie? Why do you think that?) (for T, 7/8)


a survey p. 110-111 (How would you answer this survey? What are your feelings on the quote Flynn’s mother had in her wallet?) (for T, 7/8)


near-desert p. 112-113 (What is your experience with the justice system and prison from life or what youhave read and watched? What is your experience with mental illness from life or what you have read and watched?) (for T, 7/8)


rule 35 p. 114-116 (What would you consider cruel and unusual punishment? How much pain can you tolerate? What would be the cruelest punishment to you?) (for T, 7/8)


barefoot motorcycle p. 117-120 (How do you make your brain focus? What is the craziest, stupidest thing you have ever done?) (for T, 7/8)


the fact foundation of America p. 121-122 (Why do you think Flynn’s dad chose this look for the letterhead of the Fact Foundation of America, Inc.? What do you think he was planning to do with this letterhead?) (in class T, 7/8)


snapshot p. 123-125 (Do you think Flynn’s mother wanted someone to find her suicide note? When you were 17, what did you want to do with your life? What do you think of Flynn’s plan for life when he was 17?) (in class T, 7/8)


the ashmont arms p. 126-130 (What does the name Ashmont Arms imply? What is it?) (for W, 7/9)


thirteen random facts p. 131-133 (Are these facts really random? Why did Flynn include the first two?) (for W, 7/9)


fish pier (the two types of college) p. 134-143 (Look up information about King Lear. Why do you think Flynn included it in this section?) (for W, 7/9)


love saves the day p. 144-148 (Have you ever had a moment like Flynn’s where you realize how small the world is? When did you realize it? How did you realize it?) (in class W, 7/9)


family friend p. 149-151 (What do you make of the last paragraph of this section? Have you ever had that odd moment of realizing something had been right in front of your face?) (for TH, 7/10)


o Christmas tree p. 152-156 (Is Flynn feeling grief or something else? How do you know? Describe a time you felt the closest to what Flynn describes.) (for TH, 7/10)


evol p. 157-160 (What do these boats represent for Flynn? What do boats represent for you in your life?) (for TH, 7/10)


shelter p. 161-164 (What stands out about Flynn and his father in this section?) (in class TH, 7/10)


Part Three


chronicle of disaster and the absurd p. 167-171 (Did you like the inclusion of the Main Log of the Pine Street Inn Men’s Unit? Why or why not?) (for M, 7/14)


crowbar p. 172-179 (What things have entered your bloodstream? Flynn says the shelter, “has begun to enter my bloodstream” (172.) Do you think anything else he describes in this chapter was in his bloodstream?) (for M, 7/14)


morocco p. 180-182 (In this section, Flynn writes, “I want to see how close to the edge I can come without falling” (182). What do you think of his statement and his actions? Does he feel familiar or foreign to you?)(for M, 7/14)


summer of suits p. 183-190 (Flynn says that “a shelter is a form of quicksand” (188). What is quicksand in your life? Have you ever felt stuck?) (for M, 7/14)


silver key p. 191-193 (Describe the italicized passages in this section. How did you feel reading them?) (for M, 7/14)


inside out p. 194-197 (How would you answer Flynn’s questions at the bottom of page 195? Freewrite about nakedness.) (for M, 7/14)


cloverleaf p. 198-203 (Have you ever written a letter to a famous person? Why or why not? Who would you write to if you could? Why do you think Flynn’s father was always writing these letters?) (for M, 7/14)


the piss of god p. 204-205 (What stands out to you in this description? Why do you think Flynn used his father’s line as the title of the book?) (for M, 7/14)


countdown p. 206-207 (Do you think nature or nurture? Why? Which one would be better for Flynn?) (for M, 7/14)


riddle p. 208 (What do you make of this riddle? What is your favorite riddle?) (in class M, 7/14)


that man’s father is my father’s son p. 209 (What do you think Flynn meant when he said, “The needle comes off the record” (211.)” Was this meeting what you thought it would be like?) (in class M, 7/14)


mayberry rfd p. 213-214 (Do you have any memories of Mayberry? If you don’t, google it. Would you like living in Mayberry? Why or why not?) (for T, 7/15)


like it or not p. 215-217 (What do you think of the letter Flynn’s father sent him? How alike do you think Flynn and his father are? What makes them different?) (for T, 7/15)


transparent p. 218-220 (Have you ever felt transparent? Describe it. Have you ever felt shame? Describe it.)(for T, 7/15)


same again p. 221-224 (What do you notice about how these words are laid out on the page? How does the layout influence how you read this section? Which words are your favorite?) (for T, 7/15)


the van p. 225-229 (Describe a time you felt out of place? Where was it? Why did you feel out of place? What did you do about it?) (for W, 7/16)


the pine street palace p. 230-232 (What contradictions do you see in this section? What do you make of them? Are they familiar or foreign to you?) (for W, 7/16)


ham p. 233-237 (When you read this title, what were you expecting? How did the actual section deliver on your expectations?) (for W, 7/16)


Part Four


headlong p. 241 (What would you call this section? Why? Why do you think Flynn called it what he did?) (for W, 7/16)


fuckin gonuts p. 242-247 (Why is this set in a donut shop? Is it hard to read a conversation written like this, or does it make it easier? Why?) (for W, 7/16)


how’s my driving? p. 248-253 (What kind of map would you create? What markers equal a place for you? What do you look for? What is the craziest thing you read in this section? Why?) (in class W, 7/16)


fort point (mountain of shoes) p. 254-257 (Have you ever seen a mountain of shoes or clothes? What do you think of when you picture this image? Do you ever buy your clothes from Goodwill or places like it? If so, describe that experience. If you have never, then describe why you don’t.) (for W, 7/16)


the bootlegger p. 258-260 (What does this title bring to mind? Why did Flynn title this section that?) (for TH, 7/17)


over 100 lbs.? over 100 miles? p. 261-264 (If you had to carry your possessions with you, what would you carry? What does Flynn accomplish by including the form his filled out? Is this better than just telling us about what his father was doing?) (for TH, 7/17)


king of Ireland p. 265-269 (Do you prefer oceans or fields? Why?) (for TH, 7/17)


Part Five

santa lear p. 273-286 (What ideas in this section has Flynn already brought up in early sections? Why is he repeating them here? Why is this titled “Santa Lear?”(for TH, 7/17)


Part Six

dharma p. 289-293 (What do you think of the statement, “The mind created everything, the mind can repair anything.” Do you agree with it? Why or why not? What do you think of Zen?) (for M, 7/21)


many ways to Brooklyn p. 294-297 (Which job do you think would be harder—working at Pine Street or teaching poetry to public school kids in New York City? Why?) (for M, 7/21)


my cardboard box p. 298-299 (Why do you think Flynn put the year on the words he got from his father? Do you see a transition from the first fragments to the last he chose to share in this book?) (for M, 7/21)


flawless (how to rob a bank) p. 300-306 (Why does Flynn start this part in a graveyard? What do you think about graveyards? Why does he mix the stuff about his mother with his father’s tips for robbing a bank?) (for M, 7/21)


photogenic p. 307-308 (What does the word “photogenic” mean? Why is it a good title for this section?) (for M, 7/21)


another way to think of fire p. 309-310 (What does this section make you think about memory and remembering? Whose memories do you trust more? Why?) (for M, 7/21)

vodka, stamps, flowers p. 311-314 (Is Flynn’s father a hoarder? Freewrite about hoarding, and why you think he is one or not.) (for M, 7/21)


twelve doors (the devil’s arithmetic) p. 315-317 (Have you ever framed a letter or any other memento from your life? Why or why not? Do you save things or throw them all away? If you save things, what kids of things do you save?) (for M, 7/21)


my brother waits for the tiny machines p. 318-319 (What do you know about nanotechnology? What did you think of Thad’s description? Do you look forward to this future, or does it frighten you?) (for M, 7/21)


the book of jon p. 320-322 (What is the meaning of the title of this section?) (for M, 7/21)


button man (the musical) 323-325 (When you see the words “the musical,” what do you expect? How is this section similar to the other button man section on p. 49-53? How is it different?) (for M, 7/21)


heroic uses of concrete (the city that always sleeps) 326-329 (What do you think about inventing? What do you think it was like for Flynn to find confirmation of a family story?) (for M, 7/21)


the boy stood on the burning deck 330-332 (Are you someone who would keep photos of the dead around, no matter how they died, no matter your history with them? Are you someone who would publish, or at least write about, the horrors of your life, or would you keep them bottled up? Would you visit your father like Nick Flynn does, or would you not visit him like his brother?) (for M, 7/21)


someday this awl will be yours 333-336 (Why did Flynn use the word “awl” in the title? What is the significance of it? What do you picture when you see an awl?) (for M, 7/21)


my tree 337-341 (How would you describe the tone at the end? How has Flynn changed from when we first met him? How has his father changed?) (for M, 7/21)


aftermath one year later 343-347 (What stood out to you in this interview? How did it inform or change your thoughts about Flynn? Do you think it helped you understand him and/or ABNISC more? Why or why not?) (for M, 7/21)


extracts, some notes, debts, bragging rights 349-357 (What do you notice about these parts? Do they work for you? Why or why not? Would you read them if not required?) (for M, 7/21)

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