Project #36408 - Database Management Final

I need to be sure I have at least a C in this class that I am struggling in. Test is divided into two parts and is cumulative. I can provide log in information and a PDF copy of text book. Course involves a lot of questions regarding SQL and data tables. The sylabis is below. I currently have a D in the class.

Database Management - CGS 2545C 
Date: May 12 to July 31, 2014

This course is a study of database design and management. Topics include the relational model, Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERDs), database design and normalization, query languages, multi-user and distributed databases and data warehouses. Lab fee required.
Prerequisite: COP 1000 or CGS 2100C.
Additional Class Information: Online class. Computer & Internet access required. Log in to Sakai as soon as the term begins to access your course: Students who do not log into their course by the end of add/drop may be withdrawn from the class. Simply logging in to an online class does not count as attendance. Students must engage in an academically related activity.
Credits: 3.00

Instructor Information

Ronald Morehead, M.S.

Mr. Morehead received his Bachelor's Degree from Western Kentucky University and his MS degree in Computer Science from American University. He began his career as a computer programmer with the US Army Computer Systems Command in Fairfax, Virginia. Over a 20-year Army career, Mr. Morehead worked in various capacities in information systems area including Programmer, System Analyst, and Software Development Manager. After retiring from the Army, Mr. Morehead held various systems development positions at the National Office for AAA in Lake Mary.  He has been an adjunct faculty member since 2010.

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Phone: (407) 900-8765 -- (for emergency use only) Text are accepted.

Office: N/A

Office Hours: By Appointment

Acknowledgement:  Many thanks to Professor Dick Grant, who has allowed the use of his course material.  When listening to content in the modules section, it will be his voice you hear.  

Instructional Mode


Distance Learning Information

To succeed in an online course, you need to be:

  • motivated
  • self-directed
  • willing to work on your own

Distance learning (DL) courses are not for everyone. They are neither easier nor more difficult than on-campus courses, but they do require more dedication and self-discipline from the student.  If you like to interact face-to-face with a professor and classmates, or if you have difficulty managing your time, this might not be the best course delivery mode for you.  However, if you can read and understand technical information, follow instructions as given, and solve computer problems on your own without asking for much help, online instruction should work well for you. Good time management skills, self-discipline, and motivation are required to successfully complete an online course.

Sakai Learning Management System Information

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URL of Online Syllabus

Measurable Course Objectives

Measurable Course Objectives are outcomes students are expected to achieve by the end of the course.

  • Explain the evolution of database systems and advantages compared to alternatives.
  • Use entity relationship diagrams to create logical database designs.
  • Normalize database tables.
  • Use SQL to build and access realtional databases.
  • Explain and design alternatives to improve databse performance.
  • Given a scenario, create an implementation strategy that uses distributed databases.
  • Utilize transactions and concurrency control to inusre the integrity of database systems in multi-user environments.
  • Understand the issues in creating and using a data warehouse. Given a scenario, create an implementation strategy that uses a data warehouse for online analytical processing (OLAP)

Textbook Information

There is a copy of the textbook on reserve at the Sanford/Lake Mary library. Please use this book if you expect any delay in getting your own copy of the text book. The due dates for the assignments are not revised because you do not have your own copy of the text book


Database Concepts
Type: Book
Author: Kroenke
Edition: 6th
Copyright: 2013
ISBN: 9780132742924
Status: Required
New: $113.75
Used: $85.50
New Rental: $68.25

- or -

Database Concepts, 6/e
Type: eBook
Author: Kroenke
Edition: 6th
Copyright: 2013
ISBN: 9780133061291
Status: Required
New: $43.75

Collegewide Student Learning Outcomes

The Collegewide Student Learning Outcomes assessed and reinforced in this course include the following:

  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Scientific and Quantitative Reasoning
  • Information Literacy

Class Assignments

You will have an assignment, quiz, or exam due every week during the term. Graded assignments will be returned to you within one week of my receiving them or within one week of the due date whichever is later. Your grade for the assignment will be included in the returned project and in the Sakai Gradebook. Quizzes and exams are taken via the computer. Most quizzes and all exams are timed.  They may be completed from any location where the Internet is accessible. Your score is available immediately but the correct answers are not available until the end of the testing period.

Grades are posted to a grade book in Sakai. You should regularly check this grade book to monitor your progress and class standing. The grade book is accessible from a link on the class home page.

Late Assignments and Make-up Exams

It is important for you to complete the assignments in a timely manner.  Assignments are due by midnight (EDT/EST) on the date indicated in the class calendar (most are due on Sunday night). The calendar will be part of the syllabus and is also available within the Calendar section of Sakai.

Quizzes and assignments are available for a minimum one week period and cannot be completed late. A makeup midterm or final exam will only be scheduled under emergency conditions, if the instructor is notified in advance and documentation for the emergency will be required.

Grade Scale and Evaluation Methods




Quizes & Assignments 436 68%
Midterm Exam 100 16%
Final Exam 100 16%
Total 636 100%

Final letter grade will be assigned based on the percentage of total points the student earns as shown below.

Pct of Points


90% and up A
80% - 89% B
70%-79% C
60%-69% D
Below 60% F


Below is the class schedule. You may work at a faster pace than the schedule below describes. I suggest you follow the class schedule in sequence. Do not fall behind. The topics for bulletin board discussion will be those listed below during the weeks indicated. The assignments are due by midnight on the last day of the week indicated. The exact date is listed in the class calendar. Your userid and password will allow you to access all class materials on the first day of the term.





 1  Chapter 1 - Getting Started Chapter 1 Quiz
 2  Chapter 2 - The Relational Model Chapter 2  Quiz
 3 Chapter 3 - Structured Query Language Chapter 3 Quiz
 4  Chapter 3 - Structured Query Language Chapter 3 Assignment
 5 Chapter 4 - Data Modeling & Entity Relationship Model Chapter 4 Quiz
 6  Chapter 4 - Data Modeling & Entity Relationship Model Chapter 4 Assignment

 Midterm  Exam

Chapter 5 - Database Design

Midterm  Exam

Chapter 5 Quiz


Chapter 5 - Database Design

Chapter 5 Assignment

 9 Chapter 2 - Normalization Normalization Assignment
 10 Chapters 6 - Database Administration Chapter 6 Quiz 
 11 Chapters 6 & 8 - Database Administration and Database Processing for Business Intelligence Systems

Chaper 6 Assignment

Chapter 8 Quiz


Chapters  8 - Database Processing for Business Intelligence Systems

Final Exam

Chapter 8 Assignment

Final Exam

Subject Computer
Due By (Pacific Time) 07/31/2014 09:00 pm
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