Project #36336 - Proposal

  • Assignment 4: Proposal (30%)

    You belong to a local interest group (specify one of your choice) and this year you were lucky enough to represent the group at its provincial annual general meeting (AGM). The event was held on a college campus during a long weekend in May and 70 delegates attended. Apart from the very enjoyable and productive business end of the proceedings, you had a great time visiting some of the local restaurants and attractions in the area with the other delegates during free time and in the evenings.

    At the end of the weekend, discussions were held about where to hold next year's meeting. You offered to host it in your town, using meeting facilities available nearby. Two other delegates offered to host it in their cities using their community colleges as a base. The organizing committee for your interest group thought all three locations were interesting and asked those interested in hosting next year's AGM to submit a proposal outlining the advantages of the particular site.

    When you returned to your own local group, they were very keen to have the AGM in your hometown and asked you to prepare the proposal.

    To complete the proposal, you will need to consider and research information on where people will stay, how much accommodation will cost, what meeting facilities are available and how much they will cost, how delegates will move around, and what local attractions would be of interest to them. Above all, you must decide the best way to persuade the interest group's organizing committee that your town is the best place to meet next year.

    To do: Drawing on your report writing experience, write a letter proposal to the organizing committee. Be sure to include all the standard parts of a proposal (introduction, background, plan, staffing, budget, and authorization). Use a model from your textbook or the publisher’s PowerPoint slides to help you as you complete this assignment.

    Assessment: There are three specific parts to this assignment: 1) an outline, 2) the proposal, and 3) a PowerPoint presentation

    1) Prepare a point-form proposal outline - see your textbook on pages 56-57 and 243 - 245 (If you wish, submit the outline to your tutor for approval and feedback before you write the proposal itself).

    •5 marks

    2) Write the proposal document

    •15 marks

    To ensure you have correctly completed the required components for this assignment, consider the following checklist when composing and editing your report.

    • Document was submitted according to due date and assignment instructions.

    • Readability (including headings), format, and graphic highlighting were acceptable

    • Grammar and mechanics are correct

    • Introduction grabs reader’s attention and focuses on a key benefit

    • Background and goals section is included and has sufficient detail

    • Plan section has sufficient detail

    • Schedule section is included and is logical with sufficient detail

    • Our Team - identify the members of your team and their qualifications

    • Budget/cost section is included and is logical and carefully formatted for clarity (bulleted list of all cost items including taxes)

    • Authorization section is included and encourages action as well as provides a “valid until” date

    • Recommendations from outline were considered when writing the final draft (if applicable)

    3) Present the key points of your proposal with a set (5 slides) of PowerPoint slides that would be suitable for an oral presentation to a selection committee.

    •10 marks

    This assignment is worth 30% of your final grade. Your assignment will be graded out of 30 (15 for content and 15 for presentation). One mark will be deducted for every instance in which your work lacks clarity, conciseness, coherence, correctness, or completeness. One mark will be deducted for every spelling, vocabulary, or grammar error.

    Your paper will be returned to you with embedded comments indicating where and why you lost each mark. Most of these comments will also contain a hyperlink to an internet site that will explain the topic in detail. Please take the time to look at the links and email me with any questions, as actively learning from your mistakes is the best way to master the communication skills required to be successful.

Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 07/29/2014
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