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Employment assignment 2014


Employment Assignment (Power Point with YouTube link)

All power point presentations should be accompanied with appropriate visuals. No notes please!  Credit will be given for using imaginative and effective visual aids.

I will grade you on Content, Organization, Audience Adaptation, Delivery, Voice, Eye Contact and Visual Aids.

 . Attire: Business Casual. Please do not be late – if you miss, there is no make-up.


     The basic requirements for the assignment are for you to:

Create a (I)one-slide  power point presentation on your resume and (2) deliver a short 5-6 minute talk on (why you think you should get the job) which you will record and put up on a You Tube link. The YouTube link should be embedded in your single power point slide.

Your preparation for this consists of five steps. Steps 1-4 will prepare you for our talk; Step 5 is your powerpoint with YouTube link which I will grade. Remember, the powerpoint consists of only one slide with your resume and YouTube talk .

a)  Preparation: Part 1

 Select an actual job opening in your area for which you are currently qualified. Look at job ads. in your major area for which you are getting a degree: academic journals, career center, dept. bulletin boards. Job ads. for delivering pizza or flipping burgers not acceptable. Make a copy of the job. ad. and underline required skills and qualifications listed in it.


b) Preparation: Part 2

 Gather as much information about the job market. Log onto the websites of three major employers in your area. For instance, if you are a petroleum engineer, visit the websites of petroleum companies: Exxon, Mobile, etc. Surf to determine the basic profile of an entry-level bachelor’s job profile. It could be for any selected major such as an accountant, or an engineer, or a financial analyst. The point is that each of you will browse your chosen professional field and determine the profile of the job. This helps enormously in preparing you for the job market. Choose any three major companies and the particular position you aspire to (accountant, manager, engineer) and prepare a slide on: Basic Qualifications and Skills, Education, Requirements, Pay structure, benefits, etc, You can actually create a table.


c)  Preparation: Part 3 Company profile: Now, go to the website of the specific company to whom you are sending your resume. This company should be the same as in (Part 1) above. Create a basic profile of the company: products and Services, mission and philosophy, CEO/ VP, stock shares, Locations, etc.Again, a table would suffice.



d) Preparation: Part 4  Create a one – page matching sheet: Draw two columns. On the left side, list all the qualifications and requirements you underlined in company’s job ad. in (a). On the right, against each of the company’s reuirements, list what you have. Example:

 Education ----- B.A. in Hist

 Skills------------ Computer



 e) Preparation: Part  Create a one page résumé to obtain an interview for a job. This will be your only slide for your power point presentation. Embed your YouTube link here.

 Please pick the skills or functional format as this is the most beneficial form for entry-level students. This is what I will grade.

The order will be as follows:

· Objective

· Education

· Skills

· Work Experience

· Awards and Honors

· References


Please write in parallel structure:

Designed a project

Participated in campaign

Provide complete details in each section. What you did, where, location, and dates.



 You will deliver a Power Point presentation  on your  resume with YouTube link.

 You will give an oral presentation(You Tube talk) on the company/ corporation that you have researched and applied for a job. You will also have to inform the audience why you want a job in that particular organization. The presentation should not take more than 8 minutes. Preparation steps 1-4 will allow you to focus on your talk.


 Due Date: July 26, 9:00 a.m.

Link will remain open till June 28, 9:00 a.m. for late submissions with penalty grade



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Due By (Pacific Time) 07/27/2014 12:00 am
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