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Scavenger Hunt


Each person must find items from the list below.



¨  Make your project in one of the following file format:

PowerPoint or Keynote

¨  Design a cover page with appealing graphics; including your name, class, and date. Your cover page must include all requirements to earn credit; omitting any of these requirements will forfeit all credit.  The cover page is worth 2 points.


¨  Use the item list page as your first page; items completed must be highlighted.  Make sure you highlight each item completed.  Your item list page must include all requirements to receive credit.  Omitting any of the requirements will forfeit all credit.  The item list page is worth 3 points.


¨  Each item must be on its own page and numbered according to the item list page; all items must be organized in correct numerical order. Your project must be organized in this order to receive credit. Omitting any requirements will forfeit all credit.  The organization is worth 5 points.


¨  Completion

- Each item must be completed according to its individual requirement(s) in order to earn credit for that item.  Omitting any requirement will forfeit all points for that item. Each item is worth 3 points.  Show all work/calculation and cite all sources where possible.

- Only one item per number will be credited; you may not use the same item for more than one number.

- The total number of points will determine your grade for the completion criteria; you must chose 30 items to complete. Completing all 31 items will not earn you extra credit.


¨  Upload your completed Scavenger Hunt Project to Full Sail Online platform. Use the following naming convention:



Assignment Due Date: ____________________________

Late submission will be penalized with 10% grade deduction per day.


Assignment Rubric

            Cover and List Page – 5%

            Organization – 5%

            Completion – 90%



Item List

1.       Find a world record with a number to the hundred millions place value. State the record, the number itself, and where you found this information.

2.       Find an online math game practicing addition and subtraction skills. Take a screenshot of the game and provide link to the website.

3.       Find or take picture of a box of cookies, and calculate how many boxes of cookies will be needed for everyone (25 students) to have at least 2 cookies each (show mathematical calculation).

4.       List the steps for Order of Operations from your eBook in ALEKS and show an example problem with a complete solution.

5.        Find the number of tweets and followers Full Sail University has on Twitter. Take a screenshot of this information, round each number to the nearest hundreds, and round each number to the nearest thousands.

6.       Find 3 real life applications of positive/negative integers and explain each with a short example.

7.        Find drawing of an area model that demonstrates square root. Submit the drawing and where you found this information.

8.        Find 3 products that you can purchase online. List the products with their prices, and order them from least to most expensive.

9.        Find 3 products that you can purchase online. Submit a picture for each product and calculate the total product cost for purchasing all three together (show calculation).

10.    Find an article about “Math Anxiety.” List 3 strategies for overcoming math anxiety and provide a full citation to  your source.

11.    Find the cost for movie ticket from your local theater or online. Submit a picture of the price information and calculate how much it will cost for your family to watch a movie in 3D together (show calculation).

12.    Find the cost of annual pass for a theme park or attraction. Name the place and calculate how much this annual pass costs per day (show calculation, use 365 days per year, round to the nearest cent).

13.    Find an in-store or online sale advertisement with original price and percentage discount. Submit picture of a product with its price information and calculate the sale price and total cost with 6.5% tax (show calculation).

14.    Define “Equivalent Fractions” using your ALEKS Dictionary and find two pictures as an example.

15.    Find a recipe with ingredients using all of the following fractions: ½, â…“, and ¼.

16.    Triple the recipe from #15. Rewrite the ingredient list.

17.   Cut the recipe from #15 in half. Rewrite the ingredient list.

18.    Find a study guide, a video, and a game for adding and subtracting fractions. Include title of the website and a working link for each.

19.    Find a product’s nutrition facts written in percentages. Submit a picture of the information and convert each percentage to both decimal and fraction.

20.    Find 3 books about mathematics using Full Sail Library Online Catalog. State each book’s title and call number.

21.    Find a manipulative for “Fraction Bars” and use it to compare at least 3 different fractions. Take a screenshot of your comparison and provide link to the website.

22.    Find 3 logo designs that used triangle. Submit a picture of each logo and classify the triangles by angle (acute, obtuse, right) and by side (scalene, isosceles, equilateral).

23.    Find a floor plan showing dimensions. Submit picture of the floor plan and calculate perimeter for 2 rooms (show calculation).

24.    Use the floor plan from #23 and calculate area for 2 rooms (show calculation with proper unit of measurement).

25.    Find 3 circular objects. Measure their circumference and diameter, list all the measurements, and divide each circumference by its diameter (show calculation, round to the nearest hundredths).

26.    Find 2 different mnemonics for metric system. State the mnemonics, explain how to use them, and cite your source.

27.    Find an article about metric system and customary system. List their differences and cite your source.

28.    Find out how many gallons of gasoline it takes to fill your car’s tank. Convert this amount to liters (show calculation).

29.    Write the word “Mathematics” in 3 different languages. State each language and the word.

30.    Write 3 things (in sentence) about what you enjoy the most about Full Sail University.

31.    Find 2 courses in your program that use mathematics (other than a traditional mathematics class). State the course name and give a specific example of how mathematics is used.

Subject Mathematics
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