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CHCCHILD404B – Support the rights and safety of children and young people - Assignment 1

What you have to do

You need to have read through the learning material for CHCCHILD404B – Support the rights and safety of children and young people - and any additional resources on the OLS before commencing this assignment.

In Assignment 1, students are required to read the case study and answer the twelve (12) questions provided.

How you will be assessed

This unit is competency based.  In order to be deemed competent in the unit you must satisfy all elements specific to the unit, the essential knowledge and the critical aspects of assessment in a range of situations.  Each assignment has been developed to cover these criteria and your OTEN teacher will review all assignments and approve your overall result to deem you competent in each unit.

Please reference your work.  Referencing guides are available on the OLS under Assessment Guidelines.


Case Study

Paula is a 14-year-old girl.  Below is some information Paula has written about herself.  Read this and then answer the questions below.

“My name is Paula. I am 14 years old and in Year 8 at school - I had to repeat 'cause I'm stupid. I don't care. I hate school anyway.

Yesterday all the girls were talking about how far they'd gone with a guy. I didn't say anything. Nobody knows what I'm going through. I feel so lonely. I'm going to take off soon. I hate it at home. Nobody can help me they won't believe me anyway.

Everybody thinks Dad is so wonderful. Nobody knows he has been sexually abusing me since I was 5 years old. He reckons he'll get me if I tell, no matter where I go. He's been doing it for ages. He says I wanted it but I didn't know then. I feel sick. I wish Mum would stop him, but I can't tell her. What would she think, it's been happening for so long.

I wish I could die. I'm not worth anything anyway, so I may as well be dead. I'm no good. I'm always in trouble. I can't do anything right. I don't care anymore. There must be something wrong with me. Maybe I'm going crazy. Maybe I'm a born tart like they say. I want so much for the guys to like me”.

Answer the following questions

1.     What might this child be feeling as a consequence of the sexual abuse she has experienced? What beliefs may she have formed about herself as a result of this abuse?

2.     What are some indicators of harm relating to sexual abuse in children of this age?

3.     How would you approach Paula in relation to these indicators of harm?

4.     How would you respond to Paula if she discloses abuse by her father?

5.     How might the abuse affect Paula as an adolescent and as an adult if there is no intervention?

Additional Information

Paula’s younger sister, Anna aged 7, comes to the Out of School Hours Care Centre where you work. She has been acting very withdrawn and clingy lately.


One afternoon she discloses to you that she is having trouble going to the toilet because her Dad hurt her ‘down there’.


She said that he sometimes also hits her after he has been drinking and that it is so hard that sometimes she falls over. Anna tells you that her father does ‘the same things’ to her older sister Paula.

6.     a)   What would you say immediately in response to this child’s comment?

b)   What would you not say?

7.     At the time of disclosure list three (3) major needs this child has.

8.     What forms of abuse are involved in this case with Anna?

Additional Information

While you are responding to Anna her sister Paula arrives and becomes angry and agitated when she realises what Anna has said.

She denies that anything has happened to either herself or Anna telling you that they made it up to get back at their father because they were angry with him because he would not let them keep a puppy they had brought home.

She attempts to remove Anna from the centre. You speak with your supervisor about the issue who indicates that Anna is known for attention-seeking behaviour and has been “caught lying” before. She recommends against making a report.

9.     What are the rights of children in this case?

10.  What principles of ethical decision-making could guide your actions in this case?

11.  What strategies would you use to come to a decision on the best possible action in this case?

12.  How could you evaluate your selected course of action?



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Due By (Pacific Time) 07/05/2014 12:00 pm
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