Project #34252 - Reflective Essay

Spend the final days gathering and reviewing your semester's work.  Write an essay that explains how you have met the course outcomes (listed below and on the syllabus). Be sure to provide specific details from your writing that demonstrates how and where you met the course outcomes.

For example, one of the course outcomes is "Create an argumentative and/or exploratory thesis supported by textual evidence." You should be able to point to a thesis you wrote in one of your papers and briefly summarize how you supported it with evidence.You might write something like this --

In the Critique essay I reviewed James Twitchell's essay "Two Cheers for Materialism" and in that paper I wrote the thesis "James Twitchell overstates the importance of materialism in our society and ignores many of its negative effects.  As evidence I pointed out that while he celebrates conspicuous consumption he does not talk about the mountains of waste and the exploitation of resources or how materialism contributes to environmental disaster."   << this is a thesis that states a position and supports it with examples related to the text.

 Course Outcomes:

    Develop writing that demonstrates critical reading and analytical thinking skills
                        -- your critique or synthesis essay should help you answer this. Point to a place in your paper where you critically interpreted something from the text, i.e. debated or supported an idea.

    Use the writing process to create well-developed research-based essays
                        -- provide evidence of rough drafts, writing center responses, peer review posts, outlines or cogintive maps, etc
Create an argumentative and/or exploratory thesis supported by textual evidence
                       ---discussed above

Summarize, evaluate, synthesize, and document source material
                       -- include specific examples of where you summarized, critiqued or analyzed, and synthesized information

Use appropriate technologies to prepare written assignments
                       --Obvious . . . make reference to your word-processing program, text formats, etc
Control conventions of language, mechanics, and MLA format
                      -- Perhaps include my comments if I wrote positively about these things. Include a Works Cited page, etc.
Of course, if you can't point to some of these things then that tells you (and me) that it is an area that you still need to work on.  All of those outcomes are skills that you need to have in order to write successfully  in an academic environment.  I want to emphasize SKILLS  . . . which means that they can be developed. Even if you didn't do as well as you hoped to do in this class, it doesn't mean that you won't be an excellent writer in the future. Like anything else, it just takes practice.



On a separate page give a subjective review of the course pertaining to these issues:

1)what was the most valuable part of the course for you? 

2)with what did you struggle the most?  Is there any improved understanding of the issue?

3)what did you think of the course layout? Was it easy to find assignments and important information?

4)did you feel there was enough opportunity to interact with your classmates?

5)what changes do you think would make the course better?

In one sentence summarize your experience with the particular course.

Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 06/27/2014 10:00 pm
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