Project #33949 - Political Science

Number 1:

Read excerpts from The Open Veins of Latin America by Eduardo Galeano (project2-Galeano.pdf) Then read the following recent New York Times article, "Author Changes his Mind on 70s Manifesto"

Write a paper of 500-750 words that answers the following questions:

1. What is this book about?

2. Do you think that Galeanos arguments in the book are still valid today? Why or why not? How do you know?

3. Do you agree with Galeano's decision to disavow the book? Why or why not? Do you still think professors ought to assign it?

Number 2:

Final Paper

Topic: Politics of education in Latin America

(note: popular education is interesting to look at…) 


This final assignment entails writing a 1,200 – 1,500 word paper (about 5-6 pages) 

Describe and discuss your topic. Provide a solid and concise overview and include relevant 

details. A good way to approach this is to think about how you would explain the topic to 

someone who does not know anything about it. What would be important to include in your 

discussion in order to provide this person with enough information to get a good understanding of 

the topic? Are there other major actors, organizations, or institutions that relate to this topic? 


2) How has the process of economic transition or democratization shaped or influenced your topic 

(or been shaped by your topic)? Focus on only one of these processes (some if not most topics 

will have connections to both of these processes) and be explicit in your paper. Be specific! 

Include references to ideas, policies, issues, etc. that we have studied in the course. Revisit the 

text and readings we covered in these weeks. 

3) Are there any important social concerns or implications evident in your study? Has culture played 

a role? 

4) What conclusions can you draw based on your study of this topic? Are there any important 

challenges and/or opportunities? What questions about this topic still remain? List at least two 


conclusions here – whether they are challenges, opportunities, observations, or questions. 

Paper Guidelines: 

ï‚· Double-spaced, 1,200–1,500 words (excluding title page and “Works Cited” page) 

ï‚· Cite, Cite, Cite! 

ï‚· You must use a minimum of three sources outside of your text. Two of these sources must be 

scholarly books and journals. Other sources may include appropriate news articles, online 


articles, and official reports and statistics, which can be accessed via the interne

Subject General
Due By (Pacific Time) 07/02/2014 12:00 am
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