Project #33576 - personality assessment dialogue


i need a 3 page dialogue on the results of my assessment test that will be sent to you after you accept the project


The assessment will measure your personality along five dimensions (“OCEAN”) – 

Openness to experience, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and 

Neuroticism, and. The vocabulary of the report is important but occasionally opaque, so 

make sure you read the entire report. You may also wish to keep a college dictionary 

handy to look up words for which you don’t know the meaning. 


After reading your results and reflecting on them thoroughly, prepare a short essay in the 

format of a management-oriented dialogue. That is, create an organizational situation 

that might involve the role or examination of personality, including (but not limited to) 

“supervisor-subordinate”, “executive-manager”, “peer manager-peer manager”, 

“performance evaluation”, or “new hire or new promotion interview”. The major 

criterion is that the dialogue involves two individuals, one of which (either one) is you. 

In general, the dialogue should traverse the 1), reliability and validity of the personality 

profile results, 2), the opportunity and possible strategies to leverage the strengths 

(relatively high scores) identified in the personality profile results, and 3), the challenges 

and possible interventions to overcome the weaknesses (relatively low scores) identified 

in the personality profile results. Ensure that your dialogue incorporates some of the 

vocabulary (5 dimensions, with 6 facets for each dimension) from the profile results. 


As long as you address the three areas above, the thesis(es) and argumentation/logic of 

the management dialogue is not fixed in any way. In some ways, the dialogue is a 

“screen-play” with the emphasis on the discourse (discussion) of the actors (individuals). 

I want to choose a possible (real or imagined) business/management conversation that 

you feel is important. The first paragraph of the essay should describe the management 

(organizational) situation in a clear and compelling manner. Similarly, the final 

paragraph of the essay might be a general conclusion or other comments that don’t fit 

neatly in a dialogue format. 


The scoring rubric for this assignment is as follows: 

 Page 3 of 3

2 - description of a realistic management (organizational) situation

2 - breadth of the dialogue (chiefly, effective use of multiple dimensions) 

2 - depth of the dialogue (chiefly, effective use of detailed facets) 



Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 06/22/2014 11:00 pm
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