Project #33369 - Advanced Composition


Using Comparison and Contrast


you must read one novel that has then been turned into a movie and to watch that movie


to write the researchpaper for this lesson. preferably "to kill a mocking bird"




Not children's book or a comic book. A full book




Using six outside sources, students write a 2,000- to 2,500-


word comparison or contrast research paper that explores


the commonalities and differences of plot or character development


between a book and a movie based on the book.


The paper will persuade the reader that either the book or


the movie does the better job of expressing the writer’s


literary aim. 




Have you ever read a book and then been excited to see the


movie—only to find the movie a huge disappointment? Or


perhaps you found the movie version enlightened the book?


Your assignment is to provide your own analysis of a novel


you choose that has been made into a movie (not a movie


that has been made into a book). You’ll write your literary


analysis using the comparison and contrast pattern of development.


Your analysis must incorporate examples from both


the book and movie to illustrate the commonalities or differences


for either the plot development or one major character


in the book and the movie. You must conduct either an interview


or a survey related to the novel and movie, as well as


research different reviews of both the movie and the book to


support your analysis. You must use a total of six sources for


this assignment: the novel, the movie, one interview or survey


you conducted, and three critical reviews.






To inform your audience about one literary element in the


novel and movie


To persuade your audience that either the book or the


movie does a better job developing either the plot or one


major character




Distance-education students




Review the novel you chose for this assignment and the


movie based on that novel. Choose to focus either on plot


development or on one major character. Scan through the


novel to mark examples related to that focus and watch the


movie again taking notes of examples.


Keeping notes as you go, work from “Generating Ideas” on


page 386 through item 1 of “Discovering Similarities and


Differences and Generating Details” on page 387. Don’t


conduct any research at this point.


Continue with item 4 of “Discovering Similarities and


Differences and Generating Details” on page 387, where


you imagine the author of the novel interacting with the stars


or scriptwriter in the movie. Explore how the author would


react and what he or she might say about the way the novel


has been adapted. Then explore what the stars/scriptwriter


might say to defend the movie. Don’t conduct any research


at this point.


Craft applicable questions for either an interview or survey to


learn what others think about the novel, the movie, or both.


Conduct that research.


After completing the previous steps, conduct additional


research, picking up with item 5 of “Discovering Similarities


and Differences and Generating Details” on page 387.


Remember to conduct enough research to educate


yourself and to find the four sources most applicable


to your purpose and audience


Continue with “Developing Your Thesis” on page 388 and


work through the rest of the “Guided Writing Assignment”


through page 392 to produce the required comparison or


contrast research paper.


Use your textbook as needed to apply appropriate writing


skills as you prewrite, research, organize, draft, revise, edit,


and proofread to produce a final essay meeting the content


and length requirements. You must also ensure your work


displays good writing traits, such as those indicated in the


Advanced Composition course rubric


Prepare a final draft of the paper according to the exam submission


format assigned in the Syllabus.




 Provide the MLA


Works Cited page as the last page in your document (but not


included in the word count).


Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 06/18/2014 07:30 pm
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