Project #33364 - Mo8 Eng


Part1.  Formulating  a claim and resons

Read Chapter 13 pages 331-336 (Ramage, et al.) but stop at 'Articulating Reasons.'

2. Now take some time and brainstorm until you can write a tentative thesis statement, a claim you want to make and defend in your Classical Argument paper. (See the preview in Activity 8.7.)

3. Read Chapter 13 pages 336-337 (Ramage, et al.) but stop at 'For Writing and Discussion.'

4. Read Outline with Reasons (PDF).


Par2.  Learning about evidence

All evidence is not created equal. Evidence must be perceived as being reliable for it to be persuasive.

1. Read Chapter 13 pages 339-343 (Ramage, et al.) but stop at 'Addressing Objections and Counterarguments.'

2. Read OutLine with Evidence (PDF). 3. Add to your outline the unstated assumption for each of your reasons.



Par3.  Examining the power of unstated assumptions

1.   Read Chapter 13 pages 337-338 (Ramage, et al.). 

2.   2. Read Outline with unstated assumptions PDF

3.     Add to your outline the unstated assumption for each of your reasons.


Par4. Identifying and Objection and constructing a counterargument

1. Read Chapter 13 pages 343-348 (Ramage, et al.) but stop at 'Appealing to Ethos and Pathos.' 

2. Read Outline and counterargument PDF

3. Add to your outline one objection to either your thesis, one of your reasons, or a piece of your evidence, and add your counterargument to this objection.


Par5. Putting it All Together

Watch only “Argument Ouline” PDF


Par6.  Ethos and Pathos

You have focused for the most part so far on the persuasive strategy of logos, or logical argument. Appeals to ethos and pathos are other powerful methods of persuasion. 

1. Read Chapter 13 pages 348-350 (Ramage, et al.), to learn about the strategies of ethos and pathos. 

2. Note on your outline specific places where you are appealing to ethos and pathos. Pathos can be especially effective in your introduction and conclusion.


Part7. Classical Argument Position Paper, Draft

Complete a draft of the assignment, Classical Argument Position Paper, and save the file as CAPD_LastName_FirstName. submit this draft via the link in Module (Activity ) for feedback from your instructor and an originality report of your draft from SafeAssign, a plagiarism detection service.


Assignment Instructions:


Classical Argument position Paper PDF Read




** Must Be Orginal

** All parts must be separate papers with Part Names


** Read all instructions and PDF Papers before Bidding

Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 06/18/2014 03:00 pm
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