Project #33185 - Public Policy Paper in the U.S.A


Research-Based Public Policy Paper (In U.S.A)




It is my intention that you will be able to prepare a policy statement in one of various formats defined below that will define a research-based policy position on a topic of your choice.  It will also be your task to prepare an implementation strategy so that the appropriate set of individuals will be able to take those actions that will assure (as much as possible) the adoption of this policy.  In order to assure attention to your work, you will prepare a press release, according to a defined format, that will announce your work.






III. Deliverables




There are three deliverables in this class:




A research-based policy paper on a topic of your choice


An implementation strategy paper


A press release to announce your paper




A. Deliverable #1: Research-Based Policy Paper




In a document of 15-20 pages, please report your research on a public policy topic of your choice. While each paper must have a significant research portion, the purpose and format of the papers may vary.  Here are four paper-type options.  I am open to exploring other formats.




Policy Paper, Type 1




This could be a pure policy paper that uses existing data to support a policy position.




Policy Paper, Type 2




This could be an historical review of a topic of current interest.  For example, it could be a philosophical paper about the nature of educational technology.  The paper would put forth a policy position, but could also serve mainly as an information background paper to a policy developer




Policy Paper, Type 3




This could be an analysis of the pro’s and con’s of an existing bill, proposition. Proposed legislation, or public law.  It could look at reauthorization of ESEA, for example. After the analysis is completed, you would make a policy recommendation, i.e., for, against, or modify, based on your research and analysis.




Policy Paper, Type 4




This would include any other type of paper that you would propose and that we would agree upon. This might include an open letter to Congress.


B. Deliverable #2: Implementation Strategy Paper




This paper is designed to describe to the reader the manner in which you plan to implement your policy statement.  The paper should be based on an established change theory model.  I suggest the Kotter Eight Step Model, because it has been tested and it works.  You may use any validated model that you like. I have a handout to describe the manner in which you might implement the Kotter model.




Keep this paper brief and to the point, maybe 3-4 pages.






C. Deliverable #3: Press Release




I will give you a template of a press release.  We will write this document in class this summer.  It is one-page, maybe two pages at the most.  It proclaims to an eager world that you would like to make an announcement about your research.  This will be a fun assignment, and hopefully relevant to your careers






IV. Scope of Our Work




This research paper may be local, regional, state or federal in scope. Your experience as a class was at the federal level.  The process of policy development tends to be similar across all levels of government.




If I can use the comments made by Dave Byer to Cadre XII at our EdTech Summit Conference in 2007, you might seriously consider recommending a policy at the local level. As we have learned, there is very little money and there are very few options at the federal level.  However, if you prepare a policy for local or regional enactment, keep the federal picture in mind.  For example, you might propose new testing standards and methodologies that will be more appropriate to the learning environment, but which are also sensitive to the requirements of NCLB.






V. Focus




Since our degree is in Organization Leadership, it is most logical that your focus be in some aspect of leadership, change, and policy development.





VI. My Role




I think that my most important role is to stay out of your way as you work on your projects. Second, I will act as a consultant to each of you, with the task of making recommendations about contacts to explore, reasonableness of policy statement, timeliness of your work, and writing style in general.  Finally, I need to gauge the role of theoretical framework for your applied policy statement.  There is a lot of good thought in the Peter’s book, and I will guide you through that book. There is some neat strategy there on policy options.  We will also explore some of the history of education policy. 






Outline for Final Policy Project 




Below is a working draft of a suggested outline for your final policy project.  In addition to this work, you are also responsible for you Implementation Plan and for your Press Release.  Formats for these two projects are contained in separate documents.




I. Introduction – one page




The Introduction gives the reader a context for your work.  Be brief, to the point, and specific.  Tell the reader what the paper is all about.  At the end of the Introduction, the reader should be prepared for what follows.  He or she should have a good idea of the context of the paper.  The Introduction is just that, and is not a summary.  




II. Area – one paragraph




Define for the reader the area of your paper.  Is it compensatory education? Is it the education of refugees in an unfriendly country? Is it art history? Policy for building construction? AIDS education program in India?




III. Your Thesis – one page




In this section, tell the reader what you believe should happen in the world of policy.  Having prepared the reader with a Context in the first section, now offer the reader a detailed description of your policy. This section, in effect, defines your policy statement, that which you believe should be law or policy.




IV – Framework – ½ page




Position your paper as one that focuses on one or more of the following frameworks: instruction, governance, structure, or resource?  Explain why it is so.




V. Basis ½ page




Most policy has as its basis one or more of the following:  economics; equity, social justice, or legal.  Often it is a combination of two or more of these.  Economics means that the policy offers a good return on investment and is a better choice than other policy proposals.  Equity means that you propose something that is equal and fair for each and all. Social justice policy is one that attempts to redress previous wrongs.  A policy whose basis is legal is one that attempts to bring behavior in line with existing law.










VI. Background and Related Literature – 6 - 8 pages




This is a major section of this paper and it shows the research that you have done.  We will talk about the nature of background research in class.




VII. Economic Analysis - 2 - 4 pages




No matter the basis for your work, you need to show that your policy makes economic sense.  Remember that you are dealing most likely with a zero-sum game.  That is, there are fixed resources that must be re-allocated.  If X is added new or is increased, Y loses that amount. Why should anyone support new or increased funding for X?  This is a tough world. Also, be very aware that the bureaucrats control most of the workings of policy and in general support incremental increase in support of existing policies.  It is in their best interests to do so.




If you propose new expenses, say from taxes or a bond issue, again show how your plan makes sense, at least in the long term.  For example, it could be argued that the investment of scholarship monies for the proposed DREAM Act in California will be returned many times by California state taxes paid by college educated beneficiaries of the scholarship.  Your argument here is return on investment.










All the writings have to be APA format 6th edition. Thanks


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Due By (Pacific Time) 06/20/2014 12:00 am
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