Project #32170 - Analyzing the book “Issues for Debate Chapter #10 (Gun Control)”


Analyzing the book “Issues for Debate Chapter #10 (Gun Control)”






Assignment #1 (Due June 6,2014):


The book, chapter # 10 (Gun Control): Please find a scanned copy in the attachment.






To present to the class,


Here is your task for chapter # 10:




  1. Guide a 25 minute PowerPoint slides presentation discussion in class (The presentation should offer the key highlights of the book as well as discussion of its major themes. You should prepare a 25minute presentation regarding your text).




2) Post a one-page analysis of what you read:








Here is an outline of the one-page assignment




Your Name:


Chapter Number: 10






½ Page




What is the author’s thesis here?  What does (s)he say is true? 


What research does (s)he put forth to support this thesis?






½ Page




How do you feel about this chapter?


What is your assessment of this chapter?


            Do you agree with his/her position?  Why? Why not?


            Did (s)he analyze the data correctly?


            What else would you like to say? (1/2 page)






In the class discussion, spend five minutes on the first section of your paper.  Put forth the thesis of the author.  Then, we will spend 20 minutes discussing the chapter, beginning with your feelings about the chapter








Specific Instructions :




  1. 1) I need powerpoint slides enough for 20-25 minutes to talk about this chapter.

  2. Use real stories examples from the United States of America to support your point of view of Gun Control. (The shooting story happened in Santa Barbara, California last month is a good example).

  3. I need written paper to read from and back up my presentation powerpoint slides (Speaker report).

  4.  APA is required for the one page outline.

  5. Please be creative in the PowerPoint slides and use some pictures and nice colors.

  6. Please include 1 or 2 YouTube videos related to the topic in the slides.

  7. Please use simple and easy vocabulary for the powerpoint slides and the speaker report.   

    Thank you J    


Subject Law
Due By (Pacific Time) 06/06/2014 12:00 am
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