Project #32019 - Management

MAN3342 – Homework 2


1. Read this short essay. 

A Message To Garcia-an essay from almost 100 years ago. 

http:// Explain how it does or does not apply 

today. Support your position. Note that there are a number of interpretations 

possible. Consider this, however: Why are there not more people like Rowan? Could 

the type of supervision prevalent 100 years ago be influencing worker behavior and 

in what ways? Does the management style being used have any effect on the actions 

and motivations of the workers, and if so what is it? 


2. Compare constructive and destructive conflict. 


3. Using the motivational techniques in Chapter 6, explain how you would motivate 

each of the following individuals. 

Alice-A widow with three grade-school age children, she has a house that is paid for, 

a live-in housekeeper, and is earning approximately $65,000 per year. While she is 

very knowledgeable and completes her work, she seems bored. She often talks 

about returning to school, but cannot seem to decide on a different career and 

seems reluctant to leave the company. 

Bob-If he moved any slower, he would be standing still. He does exactly the 

minimum to keep from getting fired. He acts like he thinks he is entitled to a full 

day's pay just for showing up on time, and if any work is expected from him, he 

should be paid extra. 

Chantry-A great worker, Chantry is new to the company and this country. Chantry 

rarely speaks to the other workers, seems a little embarrassed and despondent, and 

always eats lunch alone. 

4. Explain how you would want a manager to motivate you. Explain what you would 

do to motivate others if you were a supervisor. Compare how you would want a 

manager to motivate you and how you would motivate others. Explain any 



Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 05/30/2014 12:00 am
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