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The purpose of you’re your final paper is to pull the information you have learned in the course to prepare an essay that addresses the following issue.




Public administrators, especially city managers, are facing immense challenges. Most local governments face increased demands for services and reduced local revenues. In addition, local governments are receiving less intergovernmental revenues from the federal and state governments.  Federal and state governments, however, are demanding more of local governments in the form of unfunded mandates. Also, citizens want increased participation and to be more involved in government decisions.




You are assigned to develop a plan to change the job of a city manager in a medium-sized city with a population of 50,000 citizens.






How would you structure the job of a city or county manager to permit him or her to perform the other tasks related to management, budgeting, personnel administration, perform in an ethical manner and other work and at the same time perform the very time consuming task of promoting public involvement? 




 In answering this question, draw upon what you have learned in this course to suggest, possible, organizational changes, different communication techniques, different skills and other approaches or tools that city and county managers will need in the future. For example, should city and county managers have different types of skills to be effective leaders, to better manage personnel or prepare budgets? How could managers make more effective use of electronic forms of communication and management?












  • The paper will be due before taking the final exam.
  • The paper should be between 6-9 pages of text long not including figures, tables, and references
  • Do not use appendices
  • The paper should be double spaced, one-inch margins, 12 point font
  • Use the APA reference style
  • Include 5 or more references (not the Denhardt text).
  • Use four sections in the  paper (details on each section below)
    • Introduction 1-1.5pages
    • Background 1-2 pages
    • Details of specific changes 3-4pages
    • Conclusion 1-1.5 pages




















Outline the problems facing city managers in the current environment and justify why you believe changes are needed in the job of city manager in your city.






Provide a summary of the skills that city and county managers need to operate (awareness of budgeting, personnel administration, organizational design, ethical behavior, etc.) and why you believe the current skills and approaches are not adequate for the current environment.








Discuss in detail the types of changes that should be made in the ways that the manager in your city should operate. Be specific here. Don’t just say that the current system of budget should be changed but describe in detail the types of changes you would implement and justify your recommendations.








Provide your estimate of how the changes you propose will improve the operation of your city and address the problems that you outline in the background section.













grading criteria





 Grading Criteria








You may receive up to 10 points for each assignment for lessons 1-10 based on the criteria outlined below. You will receive up to 150 points for your final paper, again, based on the criteria outlined below.  Detailed instructions about how to complete the final assignment are provided in Lesson 12, Final Project..








Completeness of Response:




  • Does the student respond to all parts/issues/questions in an assignment (i.e. some lesson assignments have multiple parts)?

  • To receive full credit, student’s response to the assignment must include all parts/issues/questions in an assignment. Points will be deducted if some portions are not covered, and no points will be awarded if none of the assignment requirements are met.


    Accuracy of Response:

  • Does the student respond directly to the question asked or address the issues raised in the assignment?

  • To receive full credit, the student must directly respond to the question asked or address the issues raised in the assignment. Topic must be easily identified by the reader, and response must stay on topic without straying. Points will be deducted if response is not directly related to the questions/issue or if the topic fades throughout. No points will be given if the response is completely off topic.


    Quality of Response:

  • Does the student fully develop his/her response with details and examples? Does the student simply make a statement such as “PA has an important affect on our lives.” or fully develop the answer by explaining how and why PA has in impact on our lives? The student can pull details from other material in the course, other courses he/she has taken or from personal experiences.

  • To receive full credit, student’s response must include clear examples to support topic and to support the overall purpose, and the reader gain insight and accurate information. Points will be deducted if response contains minimal details and examples. No points will be awarded if no examples and details are given.


    Quality of presentation:

  • Is the response well organized, are the paragraphs well/properly developed, is there good transition from one paragraph to the next?

  • To receive full credit, response must have clear and effective organization complete with transition and well developed paragraphs. Points will be deducted if response lacks organization and development. No points will be awarded if no organizational plan is present.


    Number of errors:

  • Are there typos, misspelling, or other errors in the response?

  • To receive full credit, response must be nearly free of errors. Points will be deducted according to the number of errors.









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Due By (Pacific Time) 05/30/2014 11:59 pm
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