Project #31494 - Business Communication

Assignment One


Part - A (5 marks)


State the best channel for delivering information in the following situations. You may suggest a personal letter, memo, company newsletter, telephone call, face-to-face conversation, or some other form of communication. In one sentence briefly state one reason for your selection:


  1. Informing many external groups that your company cannot allow them to tour your bottling plant this summer because of remodeling.
  2. Asking your boss for permission to attend a two-day seminar to improve your job skills.
  3. Launching a major company campaign to encourage employees to submit more ideas for improving the way they do their jobs.
  4. Informing employee-of-the-month award winners.
  5. Checking the references of a job candidate.


Part - B Communication Barriers (5 marks)


For each of the following situations, state in one sentence what barriers the message senders might anticipate (see page 6 - 7 in your textbook).Be sure to use the communication barrier terms listed on these pages.


  1. During a recession an executive with an MBA from Queen's University must write to all employees persuading them to agree to temporary wage cuts.
  2. An accountant wishes to explain to the marketing department why it must report monthly sales figures differently.
  3. An administrative assistant has been asked to organize and publicize a departmental surprise party for the boss.
  4. You try to summarize an instructor's lecture for a friend who was absent.
  5. You are in charge of writing the company's annual report, which will be read by stockholders, suppliers, customers, management, and others.


Part - C Communication Failures (5 marks)


Communication is not successful unless the receiver understands the message as the sender meant it.. In a sentence or two, briefly describe the failures in communication. What went wrong?


a. Seeing Jason in the hallway reminds the manager that she needs his report within the week. She says, "I want that report as soon as you can get it done", and hurries on to a meeting.  A little startled, Jason calls after her, "Sure. Uh, right away?" The manager waves her hand as she disappears around the corner.  To himself, Jason says, "I guess processing that big order will have to wait so that I can get the report to her today."  When the manager learns of Jason's decision, she is angry.  What went wrong? (2 marks)


See page 7 - 8 in your textbook


b. As manager of a grocery store, you have made some complex policy changes. You have a meeting with the sixty store employees to inform them of the changes. (3 marks) Why would some employees be confused or angry? 


See page 6 - 7 in your textbook.


Part—D Reader Benefits and the "You" View (5 Marks)


HINT: Avoid using "I," "We," or "Us" whenever possible since these words focus on the sender rather than on the receiver of the message. See page 68. Copy the original sentences and paste them into your Word file, then write your revisions directly underneath the original sentences.


NOTE: See page 68 in your textbook for an explanation of what "reader centered you view" means.


Revise the following sentences to emphasize the reader's perspective and the "you" view:


  1. Our safety policy forbids us from renting power equipment to anyone who cannot demonstrate proficiency in its use.
  2. We take pride in announcing a new schedule of low- cost flights to Halifax.
  3. So that we may bring our customer records up-to-date and eliminate the expense of duplicate mailings, we are asking you to complete the enclosed card.
  4. Our fifty years of experience in direct-mail advertising will enable us to help you dazzle your customers.
  5. I give my permission for you to attend the two-day workshop.




Subject English
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