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.   Which of the following is used to measure pressure?

a)        thermometer                                                          b)        hygrometer

c)        anemometer                                                           d)        barometer



2.        The surface temperature of the Sun is approximately 5800K.   What does the K stand for?


a)        Kolvin                                                                       b)        Kelvin                 

c)        Karlin                                                            d)        Kevlin



3.        The direction of the electric field surrounding a charge of +20 C is radially ___________


a)        outward                                                        b)        inward         

c)        outward or inward                                    d)        inclined


4.  In the adjacent figure, F1 = 10 N, A1 = 2 cm2 , A2 = 100 cm2.  What is the force exerted on the output piston by the fluid


a)  50 N                     b)    500 N


c)   5000 N               d)    50000 N







5.        Ben Travlun carries a 200-N suitcase up three flights of stairs (a height of 10.0 m) and then pushes it with a horizontal force of 50.0 N at a constant speed of 0.5 m/s for a horizontal distance of 35.0 meters. How much work does Ben do on his suitcase during this entire motion?


                        a)  2250 J                                                    b)   1750 J


                        c)  3750 J                                                     d)   2750 J



6.        Which of the following statements is not true?

a)        A substance in which electrons flow easily is called an insulator

b)        The kinetic energy of a body increases when it moves with a greater velocity

c)        The amount of heat energy required to raise the temperature of one gram by one degree is called specific heat

d)        Torque is calculated by multiplying force with lever arm


7.        An object that has kinetic energy must be


a)        lifted above Earth’s surface        b)        in motion                

c)        at rest                                                d)        none of the above


8.        As height increases, so does

            a)        potential energy                            b)        kinetic energy       

c)        mechanical energy                                   d)        thermal energy


9.        Determine the electrostatic force of attraction between two balloons with charges of +3.5 x 10-8 C and -2.9 x 10-8 C and separated by a distance of 0.2 meters.  Use k = 9 x 109 Nm2/C2

            a)        2.28 x 10-4 N                                              b)        2.28 x 10-5 N          

c)        1.08 x 10-4 N                                               d)        1.08 x 10-5 N


10.      Pressure is properly defined as

a)        force times area                                         b)        force divided by area

c)        area divided by force                                d)        force divided by the square of the                                                                                            area


11.       On July 4, 2006, the temperature in Las Vegas was 111°F.  Express this temperature in degrees Celcius

a)        33.9°C                                              b)        38.9°C

c)        43.9°C                                              d)        48.9°C



12.          The statement that any change in pressure of a fluid is transmitted uniformly,  in all directions, throughout the fluid is known as

a)        Pascal’s principle                           b)        Archimedes’ principle

c)        Boyle’s Law                                      d)        Bernoulli’s principle



13.      Which of the following is the longest?


                        a) 4.5 meters                                                          b) 650 centimeters                      


                        c)  8 feet                                                        d) 3500 millimeters




14.      In the equation Q = mCΔT, C represents the _______________ of the substance

a)       specific mass                                              b)        absolute temperature

c)        heat strength                                  d)        specific heat capacity


15.      A block of mass 4.5 kg is raised by a distance of 1o m.  The increase in its potential energy will be

a)        180 Joules                                       b)        441 Joules

c)        44.1 Joules                                      d)        392 Joules


16.      The Q in Coulomb’s Law equation stands for the ______________

a)        mass of a charged object              b)        current in a charged object       

c)        charge in a charged object                     d)        distance between charged objects


17.      Normal atmospheric pressure measured at sea level measured in Pascals is

a)        101                                                     b)        14.7              

c)        30                                                       d)        101,000



18.      When a positive charge is moved in a direction opposite to the electric field, the work done is stored as

a)        electrical potential                                    b)  electric field


c)        electrical potential energy                     d)  electrical force



19.      A box is moved 10 m across a smooth floor by a force making a downward angle with the floor, so that there is effectively a 10 N force acting parallel to the floor in the direction of motion and a 5 N force acting perpendicular to the floor. The work done is 


                        a)  150 J                                                       b)  100 J


                        c)   50 J                                                         d)  10 J



20.     A box is moved 10 m across a floor by a force of 20 N acting along the direction of motion.  The work done by the force is


a)        20 Joules                                          b)        30 Joules                 

c)        100 Joules                                       d)        200 Joules



21.      1800 calories are supplied to 150 g of water initially at 20°C.  Given Cw = 1 cal/g°C, what will be the final temperature of the water?

a)        12 °C                                                 b)        8 °C

c)        32 ° C                                                           d)        38 ° C






22.        A balloon with a volume of 2.0 L is filled with a gas at 3 atmospheres. If the pressure is reduced to 0.5 atmospheres without a change in temperature, what would be the volume of the balloon?

a)        3 L                                                      b)        6 L                 


c)        9 L                                                      d)        12 L




23.     Torque in the metric system is measured in units of

a)       N                                                        b)        Ns

c)        Nm                                                    d)        N/m





24.     The unit of heat energy is  

a)        Fahrenheit                                      b)        Celcius

c)        Calorie                                              d)        Newton


25.     A student plays on a see-saw with her experimental android robot, Robby. The student has a weight of 250 N and is seated 2.8 m from the axis of rotation. Robby balances her when he is seated 0.7 m from the axis. Robby's weight is 



                        a)  1000 N                                                   b)  500 N


                        c)  667 N                                                      d)  725 N


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