Project #31282 - Business Analysis Draft

Write a draft for Sections 1-2 of the business analysis report (full description is in the syllabus and in the Canvas Session 6 Module) and submit for comment and feedback. Sections 1 and 2 should cover the following:

  1. Company background (no more than one page)
  2. Primary issues leading up to the topic chosen (related to OB dimensions covered in the text)

 Topic:Changing the existing culture at General Motors.

Students will explore organizations with ongoing behavioral or design problems that could be the focus of an individual paper. Typically, an organization undergoing a major change would be a prime candidate for this analysis.

Students will help each other identify different problems in business. Each member of the learning team must use a different business. Student will use resources located in the Rickman Library Business LibGuide. This research guide will give information on finding resources, including business and company information in databases. Video tutorials are available for help in using these resources.


Submit the topic for the business analysis report. This report is due in Session 6.

The instructions for this major project are as follows:

Students will analyze and report on a U.S. corporation that has implemented a change involving a topic covered in Organizational Behavior. Extensive research using resources from Rickman Library and other sources will be required. Through a 15- to 20-page typed paper, each student will show an understanding of organizational behavior. The paper should analyze a behavioral or design problem within a particular organization. Students are expected to write a critical analysis of the company and use APA style guidelines. The problem should be defined, and the student should defend and support conclusions and recommendations rationally with the sources they find.

 The analysis should include:

  • a history of the company selected and of the organizational topic chosen
  • consideration of alternative solutions.
  • rationale of the solution implemented by the company as it relates to organizational models and/or improved organizational practices.

 Report Sections

  • Company background (no more than one page)
  • Primary issues leading up to the topic chosen (related to OB dimensions covered in the text)
  • Company response(s) to the primary issues
  • Results of the company’s response(s)
  • Recommendations
  • Summary (no more than one page)


The paper must show evidence of scholarly research and be supported by a minimum of ten sources that come from a variety of source types—including peer-reviewed articles, periodical/magazine articles, books/e-books, personal interviews, and a limited number of reliable websites. Library resources that support each of the the analysis and report sections above can be found on the Rickman Library Business LibGuide. Be sure to explore all of the tabs (especially company information tab). In the tutorials tab, you should watch the video “Organizational Behavior Research” to get started on your research. Many of the other video tutorials on that tab will be very helpful as well. Finally, clicking on the Citation/Style tab will link you to resources for doing a paper properly in APA style. Please contact the library if you need assistance with any of the above. Students are expected to submit the paper to prior to submitting for grading in Canvas (see Appendix F). The grading rubric for the project is included in Appendix A in the syllabus. Project findings will be shared in Forum.

 Examples of a research problem:

  • XYZ Corporation has undergone a large-scale downsizing.
  • XYZ Corporation has instituted widespread work diversity training.
  • XYZ Corporation’s new CEO is attempting to change the company’s culture.
  • Market competition is forcing XYZ Corporation to restructure.

Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 05/21/2014 12:00 am
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