Project #31264 - Public Relations - Launch, event management and portfolio




  1. What’s real? 


The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) was rescued by the UK Government (UKG) in 2008-09.   In total UKG invested ~£45 billion.  It now owns 82% of the bank.   However, following the investment, European state aid rules require RBS to sell off a group of 315 branches.   The principle behind the enforced sell-off  is that it will increase competition.  It is expected that this new mid-size bank will be worth £1.0-£1.5 billion when sold.     However, the difficult economic climate has delayed the sale.   Until now.   Today (August 2013) several investment groups are preparing and/or have submitted bids.   In addition, RBS itself is considering ‘spinning off’ (meaning float on the stock-market) the 315 branches as a new independent bank.  A final decision on the ‘winning bidder’ is expected during September/October 2013.


  1. What’s fictional?   


In practice it will take many months – perhaps a year or more – to complete the sale.  Such transfers are very complex!   However, we are going to assume that:


·         The sale is complete by 1 November 2013

·         The ‘new bank’ will start operations on 1 November 2013 

·         It will use the old trading name ‘Williams & Glyns’

·          W&G will delay any official large-scale re-launch until Summer 2014.  This will ensure that everything is ready – especially IT.  W&G does not want to risk any major expenditure (e.g. on advertising) until they are fully confident.

·         You are an account director at Bucks First PR

·         Bucks First PR (your team) has won the account to represent the southern area branches – roughly everything south of a line through Oxford but not including Greater London.  These include Maidenhead, High Wycombe and Oxford

·         This is a very substantial account for Bucks First – worth £10K fee a month. 

·         Your key client contact is Jane Walker (head of W&G corporate communications).  The Group CEO is Adam Blackstone and the W&G Southern Regional manager is Paul Stevens.



  1. Fictional Background for CW003


At the meeting on Monday 10 February, Jane has some major news for you.   She:


·         Confirms that W&G will proceed with a major public launch during early July

·         This will include the roll-out of a £15 million national TV and digital advertising campaign prepared by Publicis London;

·         Asks you to handle the PR side of the national launch, with a budget of £100K, (as she has been impressed by  your work to date)

·         Requests that you produce a detailed launch plan by no later than Monday 19 May 2014. This is to focus on media, analysts/government and on branch managers. 

·         Also asks you to draft three further items of content.   These include:  (A) a formal launch press release for national/business media; (B) a 12-slide PPT with which to brief staff  and (C) a video news crew brief



In this third assignment, you are required to produce the following:


  • A business report (2500) for your client.   This will include:


  1. An initial executive summary.
  2. An overall structure for the launch.  This is to include:  (A) press conference – live for UK media; (B) a special briefing for W&G branch managers; and (C) a launch party focused on other major stakeholders such as analysts, elected representatives and major investors.
  3. Your choice of location including facility layout. 
  4. A positioning statement for W&G in the UK market.
  5. A single creative narrative and theme which meets the positioning, integrates all activities described and provides a platform for external communications.
  6. A summary timetable for the launch-event itself explaining overall organisation and configuration.  For the press conference a detailed timeline is required.
  7. Your recommended allocation of the £100K budget available.  (Please note that this is in addition to the standard fee, is a critical component and will be the subject of a special class discussion).


  • A launch news release designed for national and business media (250).
  • A maximum 12-slide PPT (500).    This is principally for internal briefing.  It will describe and summarise key goals and activities for all W*G staff attending and will be used principally the day before.
  • An outline brief and storyboard for a video news crew who will attend the launch and report to you.  In addition to running a live video stream on the day, the goal is to generate footage for a variety of channels e.g.:  A) an external VNR highlights package; B) a promo for use in local branches and C) a version for the bank’s senior management conference in the Autumn.  
  • AND FINALLY, you are asked to resubmit all your examples of written communications (now nine in total) as a comprehensive portfolio.   You may edit all six prior samples as much as you like to reflect feedback and subsequent learning.



  1. The format for this assignment is a practical ‘real-world’ management report.    It is, however, also an academic coursework.   Accordingly at each step, ensure that you:


·         Explain clearly and critically the logic behind your proposals; and

·         Wherever possible support your approach with evidence in the form of references to academic theory and practice.




  1. As in the real-world when dealing with a client, you will probably want to obtain further information.  Please ensure accordingly that you are ready with questions on the two occasions when the ‘client’ will be available for further briefing.  

Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 05/19/2014 12:00 pm
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