Project #31246 - Washington D.C Trip Reflection Paper


Reflection paper about D.C trip




Objectives for the DC Trip




Experience DC on four levels


    1. See the city

    2. Visit the people, observe them,, e.g., Senate gallery

    3. Speak with the people who work there

      1. Speak with Senators and their aides,

      2. Speak with Congresspersons and their aides,

      3. Chat with “lifers” from the various departments of government

      4. Chat with the “appointeds” from the various department of government

      5. Chat with members of professional organizations

      6. Chat with lobbyists and advocates

    4. Help design and write public policy



      The above is done for three reasons:



  1. Bring to life the Policy development class that takes place in the following semester

  2. Have students inform their policy papers that they will be writing

  3. Give students a sense of empowerment by showing them that they can access the fundamental people who make and guide policy at the federal level.


It should be noted that students take major responsibility for designing and personalizing their own trip. By so doing, they take control of their own objectives




Missions for the assignment:




  1. Students prepare a reflection paper on the trip – 4 pages.

  2. The first 3 pages you will write about the visits that we have done in this trip and what you have learned and surprised you on those visits.

  3. The last page (4th page) you write about what you have experienced about the D.C city itself.

  4. I have handouts and brochures for the places that I have visited and I’ll give it to you to help backing up your writing. Also, you can use their websites for more information if I don’t have handouts for that visit.

  5. All the writing is going to be for first person and speaking as I’m describing my visit to D.C, so you have to use “I” all the time in the sentences.

  6. All the writing has to be APA style 6th edition.

  7. Please use the information for my visits in order below and try to add to it from the handouts.




2014 Washington D.C Trip meetings




Tuesday, May 13:


  1. First school group meeting at our hotel Residence Inn, Washington, DC.

  2. I met with our school group and we reviewed with our professors our visits for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Also, we divided our classmates’ tasks.


Wednesday, May 14:


Visit # 1: (Senator Dianne Feinstein Constituent):


  1. She is a Senator of California.

  2. The topic is process and policy.

  3. She did a presentation for our school members and other people from different counties in California.

  4. She mentioned how the climate change affected California.

  5. She said that we have to protect this country (The US) from any out attacks like 9/11 by intelligence.

  6. She introduced her large staff.

  7. Finally, she was receiving questions from the people attended.

  8. Last thing we took a group picture with the Senator.

  9. Please check their website to back up your writing for more details:   




Visit # 2: (Library of Congress-James Madison Memorial Building):


  1. We first went into the building and we issued a Library of Congress- Reader card with picture. And that part was exciting to me.

  2. Then we went on a tour in the library and it was very large library and has really old nice decorations and draws in the sealing.

  3. Please see the library website to back up your writing for more details about what is inside the library.




       Visit # 3: (The Heritage Foundation):


  1. The topic was about how heritage works and its mission.

  2. We stayed in a room to hear presentations from 2 guest speakers.

  3. This institute is conservative.

  4. Please check their website to back up your writing for more details:



Visit # 4: (National Center for Transgender Equality):


  1. The topic was about Process and Policy.

  2. We stayed in a meeting room and there was 2 transgender ladies spoke to us.

  3. One of the ladies is our professor daughter and he loves her and back up her and very proud of her.

  4. It was the most surprising visit for the day to me.

  5. We listened to power point slides presentation and we have asked a lot of questions.

  6. Please check their website to back up your writing for more details.



Thursday, May 15:


                Visit # 1: (National Archives and Records Administration):


  1. We got a guide to tour us inside the building.

  2. He showed us really old documents that they save it in a really safety place.

  3. He showed us a place like a museum named after someone who gave them an old and expensive document to display it for public.

  4.   This place accepts donations from people.

  5. Please check their website to back up your writing for more details.



    Visit # 2: (Embassy of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)).


  1. I have personally arranged this meeting and I’m really proud of our neighbor country UAE even that I’m from Saudi Arabia.

  2. They were very generous with us and very welcoming people.

  3. They started with serve some food for us.

  4. Then there were 3 speakers with PowerPoint slides.

  5.  They spoke about the history of UAE after Sheikh Zayed.

  6. They spoke about their economics and their good relationship with USA.

  7. They spoke about how UAE government supports their people and even they give them money when they want to get marry.

  8. They spoke about how is the women is equal to the man in their country even they have 4 ladies that drive an air force planes.

  9. They mentioned some universities and American universities in UAE.

  10. They gave everyone some dates as a gift and we took a group picture with them at the end.

  11. Please check their website to back up your writing for more details.



    Visit # 3: (U.S. Chamber of Commerce):



  1. We stayed in a meeting room and we had 2 guest speakers.

  2. They spoke about their Mission and about international businesses.

  3. Please check their website to back up your writing for more details.




Friday, May 16: (Last day)


                Visit # 1: (Institute for Higher Education Policy):


  1. The topic was about Higher Education Policy (IHEP).

  2. We stayed in a meeting room and had 2 guest speakers.

  3. They started with the mission of the institute.

  4. Please check their website to back up your writing for more details:



    Visit # 2: (Supreme Court of the United States): USSC Bldg



  1. We got a tour guide in there and he showed us around and showed us the most important room court in the country.

  2. The guide showed us a draw at the ceiling of Prophet Mohammed which surprised me.

  3. He showed us where everyone set in the room.

  4. Then we went to meet a clerk in the court and he explained to us how the process happens over there and he was a new clerk and has been there for 5-8 months.

  5. Please check their website to back up your writing for more details.


      Visit # 3: (The Cato Institute):



  1. We stayed in a meeting room and there were 2 guest speakers.

  2. One speaker started talking about the mission of institute.

  3. Our professor told us that institute is liberal.

  4. Talked about education topics.

  5. They have mentioned that they offer university scholarship and there is one in San Diego, California.

  6. Please check their website to back up your writing for more details:



    Some notes for the last page witch is talking about the D.C city:



  1. The weather at D.C is really strange and change very fast. It could be raining in the morning and sunny and hot in the afternoon of the same day. Also, it could rain again at night at the same day.

  2. D.C at night is very beautiful and I love the view of the United States Capitol.

  3. Also, D.C has different kind of restaurants and a mix of nationalities.

  4. D.C is the capital city of the world.

  5. Public transportation is really good inside D.C and the Taxis are available everywhere.

  6. D.C was a good chance for learning and hang out with classmates and friends after 5pm when we are done with meetings and visits. 




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