Project #31209 - Network

1. [20pts] Consider the following network path taken by a file of size 2700 bytes from source A to 

destination D:


Suppose the switching delays at B and C are 10 and 30 milliseconds each. All other delays are 

negligible. In addition there is a maximum frame size including a frame header at each link. This

information is available from the table below. 

Link Maximum Frame size Frame header size

A to B 900 bytes 10 bytes

B to C 512 bytes 12 bytes

C to D 500 bytes 20 bytes

The file is broken down into TCP segments with payload size of 1000 bytes each. Each segment 

has a 20 byte header. Each segment is then transmitted over the three links. Obviously the frames

need to be fragmented at the IP layer where a 20 byte IP header is added on to each segment. 

Assume a 20 byte IP header. 

a) [15pt] Show the Total length, DF, MF and fragment offset fields of the IP header of each 

transmitted frame at A, B and C. 

Hint: You need to show this only for the first 1000byte TCP segment. The other two segments will

be same. 

b) [5pts] How long does it take for the file to reach from A to B?

Hint: Calculate the total switching delay for the file.

c) [5pts] Calculate the overhead in transmitting this file from A to B.

Hint: Calculate the total header length divided total bytes sent. 

Rubrics: You must answer each part 

 Write units and show steps – 50%

2. 5) [10 pts] Suppose that the TCP congestion window is set to 18 KB and three duplicate

acknowledgments arrive when the current transmission window size is 22KB. Assume that 

the maximum segment size is 1 KB.

a) How big will the transmission window and congestion window be if the next 2 transmission 

bursts are all successful?

b) How big will the transmission window and congestion window be if the next 2 transmission 

bursts are all successful and then a timeout happens?


Subject Computer
Due By (Pacific Time) 05/20/2014 12:00 pm
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