Project #31116 - Cause&Effect Paper

Cause and Effect Paper:

Write an essay that explores the causes and/or effects related to a problem significantly impacting your health. It might be easiest to think of addressing a problem that exists in your immediate surroundings like smog, though it may be a personal problem like smoking. The paper must follow one of the three variants discussed and should be three to five pages, MLA style. Remember, we are looking for primary and secondary causes or effects and they must be well thought out. 

If I was going to prove how not getting a promotion at a box factory when I was 19, I would create an outline like this one below:

1 variant  - Multiple causes /one effect


  • Thesis statement (mentions the general effect of the situation mentioning three causes that lead to such an effect)

Ex. My failure in gaining the promotion was due to such issues as seniority, salary expectations and knowledge of the F5 corrugator system.


  • First cause (a more detailed look at seniority factors with two minor supports)
  • Second cause (a more detailed look at salary expectations using two minor supports)
  • Third cause (a more detailed look at the experience on the F5)

2 variant  - One cause /multiple effects


  • Thesis statement (mentions that one factor leads to a variety of consequences)

Ex.  Not getting the promotion created profound personal and professional changes in my life.


  • First group of effects (personal effects)
  • Second group of effects (professional effects)

3 variant  - Causal chain (Domino effect)


  • Thesis statement (mentions the first and the last parts of the chain)

     Ex.  Not getting the promotion led to me meeting my wife.


  • First domino (Not getting promotion)
  • Second domino (went back to college and got accepted to California program)
  • Thirst domino (worked as an intern at Warner Brothers Studios)
  • Last domino (met my wife at a meeting).

Your choice, but it must follow one of the three variants.  You must use outside sources in the paper, either from the Bedford essays and/or the library databases.


Bedford: Cause and Effect Chapter.
Pilcher's The New Witch Doctors: How Belief Can Kill.
Javdani's Plata o Plomo: Silver or Lead.

Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 05/19/2014 12:00 am
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