Project #30981 - Intro to Film


1. Some have suggested that the postmodern era of cinema is more similar to the earliest days of

“silent” cinema than any other era. Using the concepts of the Operational Aesthetic and the

Cinema of Attractions (making sure to define both in your answer), discuss the ways in which

this idea can be supported and discounted. Refer to specific details from lectures and relevant

film clips (of both eras) in your answer.


2. Discuss the relationship between the Hollywood studios and the Motion Picture Patents

Company, making specific reference to the role of D.W. Griffith in this conflict. Why did the

MPPC fade away and why did Hollywood succeed? How were their business practices different

and how were their films different? Be sure to refer to specific films and clips in forming your



3. What is the role of censorship in the history of American Film? Discuss and compare the 1930s

and the 1960s as critical moments in this history, making specific reference to provocative films

AND the groups that were created in order to assess them. What are some of the ways in which

censorship has shaped film content? Finally, some have said that censorship was actually a good

thing for Hollywood cinema – why is this? Do you agree?


4. Why does Film Scholar Drew Casper believe that the Post-Classical era is the richest period of

American cinema? Write a short essay on the significance of this era, making sure to refer to the

immediate post-WWII social contexts. How does this era of film differ from Classical cinema? Be

sure to refer to changes in Film Style throughout your answer (Romantic-Idealist realism, Film

Noir, Psychological-Sociological realism, etc). Be sure to refer to specific films and clips in

forming your answer.


5. As mentioned in class, post-modernism is more of a cultural ‘debate’ than a fixed concept. Enter

this debate – do you think this is a positive or a negative movement? Be sure to consider its

relationship to the past (i.e. the postmodern attitude towards modernism). Are we already in

the “sixth” unit of class? How will it differ from and/or reflect postmodernism? Make specific

reference to the lecture concepts (Independent/Neo-Classical/Interactive cinemas) and clips in

answering. How does engagement with these concepts affect meaning in such films? 

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Due By (Pacific Time) 05/14/2014 12:00 am
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