Project #30853 - Fallacy Answers

*** Please read attached document before answering the questions****


Assignment Five:


Write: Try your hand on the fallacies below.  Name each one, explain why it’s a fallacy.


Logic Exercise 

1.     If Cisco stock continues to rise like it did in 2000, five years from now I’ll be a millionaire and can retire!!!


2.     The media is for the public interest so they should do more stories on Kim Kardashian because the public is, like, rully, rully interested in Kim!


3.     If Congress bans automatic weapons, next they will ban all guns, destroy the Constitution, and create a police state.


4.     Hey there, Chiquita--do you want to get busy with me or are you a Feminazi?


5.     Take your average male college athlete.  He never goes to class; he gets into fights; he steals things; he takes drugs; and, he beats up his girlfriend.


6.     If you are a female golfer you must be a lesbian because only lesbians are female golfers.


7.     You should get Tylenol; it’s the biggest selling brand of pain reliever!


8.     President Obama just wants to return to the days of the Soviet Union but no one should be enslaved in such a way!


9.     “Pleeez, Mr. Clemings, don’t drop me or I’ll lose my athalectic eldrigability!”


10.                        Believe Obama on health care?  Are you kidding?  Dude won’t even release his college transcripts!!


11.                        If the U.S. backs down with Iran, it’s going to be Somalia all over again.


12.                        After I spit on the umpire we went on a winning streak.  I’m spitting on the umpire every game!


13.                        Quite simply, the situation in China is a failure of Communism.


14.                        “Republicans are using foreign contributions to fund their campaigns because there is no proof that they are not!” 


15.                        Don’t pay your bills.  First send your money to me, brothers and sisters, for the Bible says, “Thou shalt have no false gods before me.”


16.                        Did you know frogs have ear drums on their legs?  My frog Lester could dance until he lost his legs in a propeller accident.  Now he never dances.  He must be deaf!


17.                        Don’t tell me I’m out of order.  You’re out of order!  You’re out of order!


18.                        If it sells the most, I guess it must be the best!


19.                        I know Jane has telepathy because she can read my mind.


20.                        My opponents believe that we should destroy the Constitution but that would be wrong because  . . . .


21.                        Listen, buddy.  You know how bad it is?  Carmel High is just like San Quentin.


22.                        Would you like Syria glassed or would you rather have a terrorist living next door to you?


23.                        I know of no proof that shows that Dick Cheney didn’t direct the 9/11 attacks from his car!  What a diabolical monster!


24.                        Of course the Chukanagana tribe should be allowed to hunt whales with machine guns in powerboats.  Native Americans have suffered terribly at the hands of the white man and white man’s corrupt laws.


25.                        You should never gamble.  Once you start gambling, you can’t stop; soon all your money is going to horse races and dog races and cockfights and bingo, and you know you’ll only lose and have to turn to a life of burglary and prostitution to support your habit.


26.                        Dude!  The sign said “Fine for parking here” so since it was fine, I parked there!


27.                        Hey, Father Ignatz, I know you think abortion is wrong but you’re just like this robo-lackey perv who thinks whatever the Pope tells him to think.


28.                        Harley, how can you say killing animals is wrong?  You are like wearing a leather belt and sucking an Altoid which is made from hooves!


29.                        Simply put, global warming and ecological collapse result from Americans’ wasteful use of the world’s resources.


30.                        “Paratroopers receive hazardous duty pay because it is hazardous duty; otherwise the Army wouldn’t pay them hazardous duty pay.”


31.                        We must convict every accused sexual offender.  We must do it for our children.


32.                        A college is like a business—the students are clients who must be pleased, and all that matters is the bottom line.


33.                        Oh, you think Abu Ghraib was bad, my friend?  You should hear what Saddam did to the Kurds!








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