Project #30745 - Management of Innovation





Innovation Focus Company: Digital Report - worth 50% due in week 12 of semester, 12:00pm, Friday 23 May


An invited entrepreneur who has patented his or her innovative product will begin your investigation with a presentation to a large gathering of Entrepreneurship and Management of Innovation students in the second week of the program – E2 Event. This focus company has been selected as the case of interest for you to create a detailed report, much deeper than the vignette presentations. Alternatively you are permitted to locate your own company that is currently launching an innovation to the market. This assessment is to be completed individually. The word count requirement for the report is 2,500 words (+/- 10%).


The material provided to you will kick-start your investigations and may include content from other exhibits we already possess. You are expected to augment this with your own new exhibits that add to our repository of data on this company. Subsequent to the E2 Event, there will be one further opportunity to lodge additional questions with your lecturer for forwarding to the business if required. In the event that you decide to source your own company to investigate or the company provided in class proves unsuitable, your lecturer will not be involved in arranging or facilitating meetings with other external businesses. Please ensure you submit your written report to Turnitin. Reports that have not been submitted to Turnitin will not be graded.


 An excellent report will demonstrate some reflection on the key issues covered in this unit, but with an emphasis on the identified focus topics. Advice on what the report must contain is available on the “Assessment” link on Blackboard and you should read and familiarize yourself with these requirements in the early weeks. You must follow the prescribed folder structure and report template on your CD, DVD or Thumb-drive (USB). The folder structure required on your CD/DVD or Thumb-drive will be provided to you in the “Assessment” link for the unit.


The report must be created using MS Word 2003 (XP), 2007 or 2010 versions and follow the naming convention: “, 2014 MOI”. This is necessary to ensure your files are readable when displayed and are not accidentally overwritten during marking by your assessor. You should always make back-up copies of your work and keep them available until after your assessment has been confirmed.




Report Content


You should aim to create something of a professional standard of presentation which you would be proud to show to the company, since it is the intention for all good reports to be made available to the business. As a guide, a report that scores more than 80% will be forwarded to the business. The report is to follow the Curtin Chicago referencing style and should contain a minimum of 20 references, balanced between scholarly and other sources.


The Report will have a number of components which are:


1.          Executive Summary (5% of word count)


2.          Company Profile & Background (10% of word count)


3.          Establishing an environment for innovation (40% of word count)


  • Questions from the CEO
  • IP Strategies
  • Managing organisational knowledge and innovation strategies
  • Collaboration strategies


4. Implementing innovation (40% of wordcount)


  • Questions from the CEO
  • Managing innovation and operations management
  • Managing the New Product Development Process


4.1. Points to ponder (OPTIONAL 10% additional wordcount IF REQUIRED)


  • Conclusion and recommendations (5% of wordcount)
  • Reference List (sorted into alpha order)


1.       Appendix (for Multimedia Exhibits)


  • Audio or Video files or PDF exhibits

In section 2, provide a brief account of the history of the inventor and the technology if it is known. This section will graphically (draw a timeline) represent the development of the innovation from inspiration to commercialisation. It will include a discussion on strategic direction, past and present.

In sections 3 and 4 the company presenting will be invited to pose specific questions for you to investigate and respond to. These questions will be presented to you by the CEO at the E2 Event

Your answers must be informed by your reading and review of multiple sources of information; it would never be good enough for you to make a statement based upon your personal opinion. Try wherever possible to contextualise your references. This means finding information on the same geographic markets, the same product categories, the same economic circumstances and that is as up-to-date as possible.

During your investigation of this industry and business you will probably encounter information that relates to other topics in this unit that you feel is worthy of inclusion. The focus should always be on comparing the concepts in the text book and your own readings and highlighting the similarities and differences (compare & contrast) between the two. As a filter question, ask yourself: “do I think the business owners would like to know about this?” If the answer is a definite yes then place this information under the heading 4.1. Points to Ponder. Do not let this section take more than an additional (over quota) 10% of your word count.

An index of exhibits hyperlinked to the actual digital exhibits that are also burned on the CD is required in the digital report. It must be possible to run the linked exhibits using Windows media player (v. 12), MS professional (XP), Acrobat Reader and MS Windows XP picture viewer direct from hyperlinks within the index of exhibits in the word document. This section is not included in word count. Some other content of the report is also not to be included in the word count, such as: tables of contents, tables of figures, headings etc. Also not included are cover pages, reference lists and any interview transcripts or ‘cut and paste’ information of a direct citation nature.

Show the following word count reporting format on your cover page. Here's an example of what it might look like:

Total file word count = 4435

Less direct quotes = 850

Less tables of content = 400

Less reference lists = 450

Total net word count = 2735 (acceptable range is 2250-2750)




Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 05/23/2014 12:00 pm
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