Project #30088 - Network Design Project

Network Design Project


The corporation is moving to new quarters. They will occupy space in three buildings in a new office park. Each of the three buildings has two floors with 40 employees in each building. There are four networked laser printers located on each floor. Each floor has a cabling closet which means that all computers within 75 meters of the closet. (No cable run greater than 75 meters). Obviously, no wires or cables can be run between buildings.

Building 3 is the technical building and contains a computer control center on the first floor and all the servers are housed in this control center. Security, speed and fault tolerance are major priorities in the control center.

Many employees are required to do extra work after hours so they would like to be able to access the network from home.

Management is willing to spend what is necessary to accomplish these goals but the badge is not unlimited.


You will hand in:

1.     An overview of the network. A one page or less description of the proposed network.

2.     A drawing (block diagram) of the proposed network on one page.

3.     A justification of the various technologies you selected including the technical reasons behind your choices. More on  this justification



            What network topology will you use and why?



            What type of cabling would be appropriate and why?

            Would different media be indicated in different areas? Which areas and why?


            Which protocol and channel access method will be used?

            Be sure to consider bandwidth.

Network Architecture

            What type of network architecture do you recommend?

            What type of Network card will be selected?

Network Operating system

            What NOS will you select?

            For server? For client?

            Do recommend using thin client? Why/Why not? If so, where?

Fault tolerance

            How will backup be handled?

            Redundancy. Yes. No. where/when?

Interface to internet

            Will you connect to the internet? How?

Remote Access

            How will the worker remotely access the network from home?


            What type of computers will you use for the servers and the clients?


            Exact dollar figures are not required but you want the greatest performance for each dollar.

            The budget is not unlimited

Subject Computer
Due By (Pacific Time) 05/06/2014 11:00 am
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