Project #29941 - Final Exam

1. Expense Spreadsheet (Excel) (25 points)                                                                           

Create a spreadsheet with the information for all your employees.  You need at least 20 employees.  Your spreadsheet should include the following categories:

1.     Last Name

2.     First Name

3.     Social Security Number (fake)

4.     Position

5.     Location of Store (City)

6.     Time In

7.     Time Out

8.     Total Hours

9.     Hourly Pay Rate

10.  Total Pay Create a formula that will calculate the total pay from the information given. 

11.  Save as LastName-Expense Sheet

  1. Submit to blackboard


2. Grand Opening Flyer (Word) (25 points)

Your flyer should include the following categories:

1.     Name of your company

2.     Company logo

3.     Location of company (Address, City, State, and Zip Code)

4.     Date of the grand opening

5.     Hours of operation

6.     Phone number of your company

7.     Include a descriptive paragraph about your product

8.     Insert a picture of your company

9.     Apply a document theme

10.  Apply styles to headings

  1. Adjust margins as needed
  2. Use bulleted or numbered lists with indents to attractively arrange information
  3. Set and use tab stops and indents as necessary to line up information
  4. Apply borders, shading, and/or a horizontal line to set off information in your resume

15.  Save as LastName-Flyer

  1. Submit to blackboard

3. Presentation (PowerPoint) (25 points)

You are presenting your company to the new businesses in the area.  Create a presentation using the following categories:


1.     Create a distinctive title slide using WordArt

2.     Information about your company and/or product(s)

3.     Insert your company logo on each slide as a header or footer

4.     Use an attractive design

5.     Select an appropriate theme for your topic

6.     Use different slide layouts for variety

7.     Add a footer

8.     Insert pictures to illustrate your product

9.     Insert and format a table

10.  Insert a chart and edit data

11.  Apply transitions

12.  Apply text effects

13.  Check spelling and include document properties

14.  Save as LastName-Presentation

15.  Submit to blackboard


4. Company Web page (HTML) (25 points)

Create a distinctive web page for your company and include the following categories:

1.     Title your Web page with your company’s name

2.     Write a paragraph about your company

3.     Write a paragraph about the products you sell

4.     Insert your company’s logo

5.     Insert a picture of the products and/or services of your company

6.     Have an attractive background color

7.     Create another web page with a list of the products and/or services your company sells in a table

8.     Insert your company’s logo

9.     Insert a picture of the products and/or services of your company

10.  Have an attractive background color

11.  Link both web pages to one another

12.  Save as LastName –Webpage

13.  Submit both links to blackboard


5. Database (ACCESS) (15 points) Extra Credit

Create a blank desktop database using following categories:

1.     Create a table

2.     Import the excel LastName-Expense Sheet

3.     Create a report of all the company employees

4.     Create a report of all employees and their salaries

5.     Create a form of all company employees and their locations

6.     Create a form of only employees in a specific state

Subject Computer
Due By (Pacific Time) 05/05/2014 12:00 pm
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