Project #29779 - Race and Racism, Watch 15 minute film and write 2 short essays.

Context/ Background to Assignment#2

We have all observed (subconsciously or consciously) oppressive actions e.g. bullying of racial minority or LGBT children in and out of school; people’s use of flippant racial slurs and jokes; politicians’ enactment of laws (e.g. New York’s Stop and Frisk, Florida’s Stand Your Ground, etc.) that arguably perpetuate the oppression of minority social groups, etc. We might find these incidents deplorable, yet we often think we are powerless to interrupt them. Much of the time our ambivalence leads to our failure to notice these incidents at all. We "comfortably" settle into the role of a bystander. Allan Johnson refers to this as "following the path of least resistance."  

Purposeful or heedless actions define who we are as individuals participating in social systems. Whether observing tangible acts of oppression or participating in systems of privilege, our apathy becomes part of us. However, in order to work towards creating a more just and equitable society (which arguably is the vision of our American democracy), we need to understand how oppression and privilege pervade our own institutions and how they lurk in our cherished traditions and cultural practices of which we are often very proud without reflexively questioning how these traditions communicate oppressive messages to racial or other minorities. As we participate in these traditions, both dominant and subordinate social groups need to disagree with the status quo (conflict perspective) and start recognizing social injustice in our everyday life, and then examine our actions/inactions and decide how we can begin to play roles of social change agents, however small they may be. 


In this assignment we observe (via a video clip) an event at a major U.S. public university, define the nature of oppression to which some members of the “Agent Group” (dominant group) are quite oblivious. We will then analyze the roles of different participants (in the institution/social system) using concepts and terms from both the glossary and 3 new handouts (shades of oppressionresponding to triggers, and participating in oppression continuum).   

The (2) short essays will require your honesty. You will need to closely examine your values and actions in relation to the U.S. constitutional values of diversity, equality, justice, human dignity, freedom, and pursuit of happiness. You will not be judged on what you would or would not do in this situation, but rather on your ability to understand why you would make the decisions you mentioned, and the evidence that you can learn from personal reflection.  



Part 1 of Assignment (800-1000 words):


Task A of Part 1: Watch the 15 minute video link:

Task B of Part 1: Analyze the Event of Oppression in the Video Clip:

Using 10 Glossary Concepts (don't forget the 3 concepts in Johnson's   default framework: social sysytem, socialization, and paths of least resistance. and numerous concepts from each of the following handouts (in attachments "Shades of Oppression", "Responding to Triggers", and "Participating in Oppression Continuum", write an Analytical essay (800-1000 words) about the event describing the layers of oppression you observed in the video clip and how different people participate in the social system (which you need to name and describe) to either perpetuate or interrupt the oppression. Remember to highlight/Bold/Underline the glossay concepts and those from the handouts that have been used in your essay.



Here are guidelines to help you craft your essay:

1. Break down the different entities (individuals, characters, institutions) involved and the types/ shades of oppression. Don't forget the bystanders (Use the "Shades of Oppression handout (see attachment))

2. Using the "Participating in Oppression Continuum" & "Responding to Triggers" handouts, describe hoe the event impacts the individulas, groups, and institutions involved in the event.
 3.  What did they have to believe to participate in the social system the way they participated, and how did they come to hold those beliefs (what Glossary concepts explain that?

Part 2 of Assignment: Hypothetical Response (500-600 words)

In the second essay, respond to all of these questions.

1. How and Why would you react to the events in the video clip if you were a student at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss)? Where would you fall on the Paticipating in Oppression Continuum and the Responding to Triggers frameworks? (Bold/underline concepts from those two handouts)


2. Would you get involved or not? How? Through avoidance? Rationalization? Confrontation? Please explain Whats your "trigger"?


3. How would you make the decision to act... or not to act in the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) situation?


4. How would witnessing or being part of this event impact you? Would you feel empowered, feel helpless, feel alone, feel apathetic, ect.?


5. Are you satisfied with this analysis of yourself? do you wish it were different? How? How can you achieve that?







First Attachment is Glossary
2nd is "Shades of Oppression" handout
3rd is 
"Responding to Triggers" handout

4th is  "Participating in Oppression Continuum" handout

Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 05/04/2014 10:00 am
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