Project #29555 - Ethical Implications of Shared Medical Appointments

Hello name is Jacqueline Lloyd, I am needing a paper for my Health Systems Management Capstone class by Friday May 2nd 3:00 pm at the latest.ExpertHelp has had 2 chances to correct tis paper and has failed to do so. My title is Ethical Implications of Shared Medical Appointments. PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE TITLE!! This paper should show effectiveness/outcomes research, The creation of a strategic plan for a healthcare agency. Papers written for submission to professional journals are expected to be shorter, 20-25 pages. Since this is a capstone experience, ALL papers, including those written as a journal article will include a discussion of the implications of the study, recommendations for healthcare management, and a summary of how concepts and skills learned in the graduate curriculum have informed the study and the student's experience as a healthcare manager. These sections are expected to add another 4 pages to the total length of the paper. If the paper is written for submission to a journal, these sections will be included as addenda.


Parts of the Paper


  • Title Page Ethical Implications of Shared Medical Appointments

  • Table of Contents

  • List of Tables (as appropriate)

  • List of Figures (as appropriate)

  • List of Symbols or Abbreviations (as appropriate)

  • Text (see below*)

  • References

  • Appendices


Style of Paper


  • APA format, 1 inch margins all around, double spacing , 12 font, page numbers lower right, use headings and subheadings consistent with outline and table of contents. The style in acordance with guidelines of an appropriate peer reviewed journal. Plese specify which journal guidelines will be followed.




  • Structured abstract with four headings, Principal aims (or objective), Methods, Results, Conclusions and Implications for Practice, The abstract must be limited to 250 words.


Text Form


  • Introduction of the problem statement. Significance of the project, and principal aims. Clearly state what the paper is about.

  • Background and Literture review. A brief history of the problem and knowledge may be appropriate but BE SURE to include the most recent, significant knowledge and identify gaps in knowledge addressed by your work.

  • Conceptual framework (required) and hypothesis (if any).

  • Process, procedures, or methods

  • Findings, results

  • Conclusions

  • Implications for practice

  • Summary of concepts and skills learned in the curriculum that informed the study, how they have been enhanced or augmented by the student's experience, and their expected value to him/her as a public health practitioner ( as addenda if written as jurnal article.).What is known about the issue (Literture Review)What is important questions or issues recent articles. Conceptual scheme : theory, model, conceptual framework on which is based.


This paper is very important to me my graduation depending on it! EXPERTHELP ALREADY JACKED ME AROND TWICE AND I PAID HIM $300

Subject Medicine
Due By (Pacific Time) 05/02/2014 03:00 pm
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