Project #29464 - English Oral presentation

this is only a small project, year 12. I need a presentation and speech, i have been completely booked out with SACs and other homework at the moment, this is also an outcome task (one you need to do or you fail the unit). The speech needs to run for about 5min and needs to have an accompanying PowerPoint, i don't really need the work to be at a crazy high standard, mind you this is year 12... I know it's an extremely short time, but i have to go to bed at MAX 3am and i want to check it first before completely relying on this program. I have to choose a topic and argue over a point, preferably i would want the presentation in prezi, but i really couldn't car, i just need a C. As i said i really don't need this to be at a collage standard or something, just an average grade so i can focus on my other work. Right now i haven’t had time to fully investigate this site because i don't have time, but i really don't want you to rip me off and make me stay up to 6am or some crap competing this project myself. OH - IMPORTANT, I’m Australian, so the topics relate to current Australian events, hopefully this won’t affect anything. The time is set in my time zone, Melbourne Australia, i would prefer it to be done in 2-3 hours if you can, but that's only because i want to check it before going to bed, so really i guess its 6 hours. These are the topics - 


Argument for

Argument against

King hit laws

They will serve as a deterrent

They will not be an effective deterrent

Bikie laws

Bikie laws are necessary for public safety

Bikie laws are an infringement of civil liberties

Duck hunting

Duck hunting is a valid leisure activity

Duck hunting is cruel, outdated and should be banned

Australia’s foreign aid

Australia’s foreign aid budget should be cut

Reducing Australia’s foreign aid will inhibit the reduction of global poverty


Will serve as a deterrent for minor offences

It is a barbaric form of punishment and not effective


The rights of women outweigh the foetus’

The foetus has the right to life

Anti-protesting laws (Move-on laws)

Move-on laws are necessary to maintain public order and safety 

Move-on laws are a violation of our democratic rights to protest and freedom of speech

Marriage equality

Same-sex couples should be allowed to marry

We should uphold the traditional marriage laws

Shark culling

Shark culling is necessary to protect human life


Sharks should be protected and allowed to live freely in their natural habitat

Asylum Seekers

Children should not be held in mandatory detention

Children should be held in mandatory detention

Amendments to the Racial Discrimination Act 

Amendments to the Racial Discrimination Act are necessary to protect and promote freedom of speech

Amendments to section 18C will encourage racial vilification and prejudice

Dredging of The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef because should not be dredged because it will be irreparably damaged

Dredging The Great Barrier Reef is an invaluable economic opportunity for Australia



Cyclists do not belong on the road

Cyclists are a vehicle and have as much right to be on the road as cars.

Religion in Education

Religion should be taught in schools by qualified educators

Religion in schools should not be outsourced to companies who are merely indoctrinating.

Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 05/01/2014 03:00 am
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