Project #29157 - research study

b. Research Study 2000 words, 30%

This section of the portfolio is where the proposal in part (a) is put into action and the

research is carried out and results are collected, analysed and presented in the

research study report. It will include:

ï‚· Data Collection

 Explain which research strategies were used and the research

 methods applied to your study

 Explain in detail how you collected all your data, and any problems

 you had with this data collection. Discuss both primary and

 secondary data.


ï‚· Research Results

 Analyse and present the findings of your data collection. You may

 wish to use graphs and tables for quantitative data if appropriate, or

 more likely, simply discuss your findings and what they mean.


ï‚· Conclusions

 How do the results answer your research questions set at the

 beginning of the semester?

 Discuss how your aims and objectives have been met, or not.

 If not, why not?

 What are your main conclusions and what can be learnt from the



ï‚· Bibliography

 This contains references but also lists any other sources of

 information and materials used.


dont do part a this part

this is the instruction for part a which is related to part b

to help you to do the assignment


I attached files this is the aswer for my part a you need to read that for doing the assignment



a. Research Proposal 1000 words, 20%

The central theme of the research proposal must be appropriate to your course of study

and final year pathway if you have one. For example students studying small business

development may choose a research problem relevant to small businesses. Those on

the BIS pathway next year may choose a topic relevant to business IS, and so on. The

proposal must be a planning document outlining the study to be conducted during the

semester. It will include:


ï‚· Introduction

 A clear definition of the research problem

 Research aims and objectives

 List of research questions to be answered

 Background to the study


ï‚· Theory

 Identify the subject area the study relates to within business and


 Identify one theory with reference that relates to the topic of the

 research proposal.


ï‚· Methodology

 Outline the proposed research strategy and research methods to

 be used

 What primary and secondary data would you like to collect and how

 would you like to collect it? 




Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 05/05/2014 12:00 am
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