Project #29110 - Statistics SPSS Project

Below is the project.  I want help doing it.  I will pull SPSS Data or you.  I want to understand the why's of the project as I just dont get this section.


All of the information below must be answered in complete sentences! For Questions 4 – 10, please refer to course materials provided throughout the semester to help you make the correct decisions and report the correct information needed.




NOTE: Make sure each variable you are running descriptive and inferential statistics for has the appropriate level of measurement selected for it before running any analyses.


1.      Copy and paste the two questions you picked in #1 as they appear on the survey, along with the response options. (10 points)


#9  .           What part of commuting is most stressful in your day?

a.   Car accidents

b.   Parking

c.   Traffic

d.  Gas prices


#11            Do you consider commuting to campus part of your high level of distress?

a.   Yes

b.   No


2.      In a few sentences, please state why you were interested in studying the two questions that you chose. (10 points) 


3.      State the null hypothesis with equation (Step 1) and the alternative hypothesis with equation (Step 2). You may choose to investigate one non-directional or directional alternative hypothesis. (15 points)


4.      Based upon the alternative hypothesis you created in Question 3, explain your reasoning of why you expected to find such a relationship or difference. In other words, what prior information or evidence do you have/know that led you to this educated guess? (15 points) 


5.      What type of inferential statistical test did you use to test your hypothesis?  Explain in one or two sentences why you chose this test. (15 points)


6.      Run the correct descriptive statistics for the following variables in SPSS: age, gender, ethnicity, and your two main questions (5 variables total). Copy and paste the output from SPSS to your Word document. (25 points)


7.      Create two different graphs for any of the 5 variables listed above. Explain why you chose the graphs that you chose for each variable. (20 points)


8.      In complete sentences, write the results of all of your descriptive statistics reported in #6 [e.g., There were 72 (52%) males and 64 (48%) females in the sample. The mean age was 24.3 years (SD= 4.0)]. (25 points)


9.      Run your chosen inferential test analysis in SPSS (Step 3). Copy and paste the applicable output boxes from SPSS into your Word document (10 points total).


10.  Decide if you reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis and report the appropriate statistics in your conclusion (Step 4) (20 points).


11.  In a few sentences, explain why you think you obtained these findings. Does it jive with what you expected to find and what you stated in #4? You should also consider any limitations of your analysis. That is, are there some things that may have led to these findings that were out of your control or may have contributed to your conclusions (think about generalization, representativeness of the sample, etc.) (15 points).




Subject Mathematics
Due By (Pacific Time) 05/02/2014 12:00 am
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