Project #29082 - Developmental psychology

2 Papers

250-400 words each

MLA format

2-3 Sources listed

                                                                          Paper 1

This final chapter on dying and bereavement offers numerous possibilities for extra discussion.

You might comment on Terri Shiavo, the young Florida woman whose situation prompted so much controversy.  Her husband asked a court to order the removal of her feeding tubes, and the state legislature and even our US congress, taking up her parents' fight to keep her alive, passed legislation seeking to reverse that order.

                                                      Questions to tie into paper.

 Is this a private matter? 

Does the government have an interest?

 How should such decisions be made? 

What can we learn from this sad situation?

 What about euthanasia or physician assisted suicide? 

Our laws differ from laws in many other countries. 

Is there a "right to die"? 

What are the ethical considerations?

                                Other Question for students---I have given some response too.

 For those of you that are older (middle age and up), do you have a plan on how you want to die? (Answer) Yes I would prefer to pass of old age in my own bed and without pain.

 Do you have legal directives such as a living will or a durable power of attorney? (Answer) being only 45 years old I figure it is too early to have these at present.

 For those of you that are younger, what about the elders that you care about, do they have wishes and/or documents concerning how they want to die?  (Answer) Yes I do help take care of my elderly folks and they have both living wills and directives that I am in charge to carry out as executive of both.

How important is it to make these decision ahead of time? (Answer) very important.


                                                                     Paper 2

I would like you to watch the following video clips and comment on what you learned, your feelings about the educational concepts brought forth and any implications this might have for our school systems in general.  Your posting must be at least 250 words to be considered for full credit. No peer responses or references are necessary. Maximum extra credit points =5.

 Since we are in the midst of learning about and discussing raising children, discipline, and schooling opportunities. I would like you to consider listening to and/or watching the following:

 These links relate to a remarkable social change project, the Harlem Children's Zone.  It addresses child development, parenting styles and discipline, as well as the poverty gap and HOPE. Their "Baby College" results have been remarkable and the program is still going strong.

 Try to watch all of the following links.  If you should have trouble accessing them, simply do a google search for the Harlem Children's Zone and you will find ample information.

Subject Science
Due By (Pacific Time) 5/2/14 10pm
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