Project #29024 - Assignment 6

Take-Home Q1:

Given the following data, calculate the ES, EF, LS, LF and Slack Time for each activity. Remember to draw the Critical Path Method diagram to show all the needed values.

Activity          Duration          Predecessors

-----------         -----------         -----------------

A                          7                

B                         10

C                         15

D                          8                             E

E                           2                       A and B

F                           5                       D and G

G                          2                             E

H                          8                             G

I                            2                        C and F

J                           3                             I

Take-Home Q2:

There are several software available for use with Project Management. We discussed several of them in class. In order to compare the simplicity and ease of use of these software, select two software such as Microsoft Project, Base Camp, AtTask, Wrike, Mavelink or anything else that you can get as a trial version and develop a simple Project Planning chart with that software. Then give a write-up of your experience with the two selected software as to simplicity and ease of use.


Take-Home Q3:

Risk assessment is a major part of Project Management. AllHealth hospital plans to develop a paperless system over a one year period. For this project you should do a risk analysis on data storage about patients, sharing of patient data with other healthcare providers, and making data available to patients for review online. Keep in mind the HIPAA requirements for data security. In your risk analysis estimate the cost associated with mitigating the identified risks.



1        Explain the purpose of using a Gantt Chart in Project Management. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Gantt Chart? For a banking project you are developing a web component whereby customers could see their account balances (checking, savings and loan) online. Develop a Gantt Chart for this IT project that is expected to last 6 months. Security and testing should be part of this project.

2        One of the important aspects of project management involves gathering the necessary resources. Identify the steps that you would take to gather the necessary resources for a project. Explain the significance of three of the resources that you have identified. Give examples.

3        Two of the methods available for monitoring project progress are PERT and CPM. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of each of these methods. Draw a sample CPM chart for a home building project. Project duration is 6 months.

4        Project reporting involves preparing a report for internal team use as well as for the external stakeholders. Explain the details that are essential in each type of report. Give one example of each type.

5        Risk management is an important component of project management. Explain three different types of risks that a project manager should be prepared to handle. Give an example of each type of risk.

6        What are the different types of consequences that a project manager should be prepared to handle and what would happen if those risks materialize? Base your answer on a specific industry such as finance, healthcare or manufacturing.

7        In handling risk there are four different responses possible. Explain each of these responses. (Hint: Mitigation is one of the responses.) How would you measure that the project is completed? Explain three different checklist items that you would look for to see that they are accomplished as part of the project




Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 04/30/2014 08:00 am
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