Project #2886 - Network Admin

Overview: You have just been hired at a large company, OutSource IT Inc., as a Network Administrator. You are being tasked with creating a network for this new incoming customer . As part of your responsibilities you will need to plan, purchase, acquire, build, document & support the effort from end to end for this particular customer.

Customer Needs:

·         CustomerABC is a financially based company that requires OutSource IT expertise.

·         The customer is a 24x7 client that requires access to the data you will manage.

·         The customer signed a contract with OutSource for Disaster Recovery related services.

·         The customer is a public owned company.


·         There are facilities already in place to house the hardware. Both facilities are Tier1. Power, Air Conditioning & UPS are already in place. So you don’t need to worry about the facilities, only concern yourself with the new customer network configurations.

·         PRD is the name Production facility. DRC is the Disaster Recovery facility

·         CustomerABC’s size & processing requirements are significant.

·         The customer is interested in using the newly designed OutSource’s Public Facing Web-based product


·         Select a Network infrastructure that is geared for the Financial Industry

·         Evaluate hardware options to support the new network configuration

·         Evaluate software solutions to support the new network configuration

·         Create a report outlining your objectives for the project. This report is to be geared toward Management. High Level report only

·         Create a Change Control of all of the configurations & installations you will perform. This is to be geared toward a technical audience. This Change Control, should detail the steps you would take to implement the network’s hardware & software infrastructure to the existing Corporate network.

·         The change should use best practices & be scripted so that other Network Administrators could follow this plan in your absence.

·         Provide Visio or flowcharts that accomplish the following:

o   High Level diagram of the equipment & network

o   Any diagrams that may describe any specialized networking or networking administrational work. i.e. Disaster Recovery network

o   Possibly assemble them into a type of white paper in .pdf format & assemble all of these documents into this reader file.

Company Policies (OutSource Inc.)

·         Use “best practices” in all of the work you do.

·         Use the corporate “change control” model for installation & configuration of the solution you will provide to the customer.

Networking:  The network for OutSouce IT Inc. is maintained by the Network Team, which you are now part of. As we proceed thru the Networking Lessons you’ll be able to construct a fictional network of addresses to use in your project (e.g. for the diagrams). Assume that Outsource will require the use of protocols ssh, nfs; software applications like email, Also include interoperability with Linux based computers or mainframes.


o   High Level report to Management (listing costs & description of hardware & software)

o   Any diagrams describing your Network layout of both PRD & DRC facilities & how they communicate with one another.

o   How the CustomerABC will connect to this new Corporate network.

o   Any report that describes the system administration work required to maintain the network.

o   Change Control with all of the Commands that you would use to build this.

o   Suggestion, assemble these in a .pfd format type white paper.

Change Control Example:

Title of Change:

Start Date/Time

Estimated End Date/Time:

Requestor: (you)

Type of Change: (Hardware or Software)


Customer Name:

Description of Change

 Change Test Plan:

Change Rollback Plan:

Actual results of Change:

Subject Computer
Due By (Pacific Time) 05/10/2013 12:00 am
Report DMCA

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