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the discussion post is due tomorrow by 6pm and the fla paper is sunday by 6pm


Discussion Questions: Conclusions

  1. What did you find most challenging in writing the proposal for your FLA?
  2. What predictions can you make about your proposal, if it was conducted?
  3. Which philosophies did you apply in your proposal? Theoretical frameworks?


Final Research Proposal:

Based on your Week 4 draft research proposal, review and revise your work per instructor comments and submit a clean version of your proposal. Your final  research proposal should be your best work and be 6-8pages, concise, well edited, and follow standard APA guidelines. It is required that you submit your final proposal to SMARTHINKING before submission to your instructor (be certain to give yourself enough time to get the proposal back from SmarThinking and allow for final revisions).

Final Learning Assessment (FLA)

The final learning assessment in this course has five parts: selection of a topic, a literature review outline/skeleton, a finalized literature review, a draft research proposal, and your final research proposal. This description gives an overview of all five components:

Topic: You will be spending the entire semester researching, reviewing, and writing about whichever topic you choose. The broad categories that you may choose from are all related to social change (see list below, note: this is not an inclusive list) . When selecting your topic, keep in mind it may require quantitative than qualitative analysis (the opposite is also true) depending on the approach you decide to use for your research. If you choose to use a mixed methods approach, you will earn an extra 5 points. 

Social Change:

  1. Technology (e.g., communication, social media, biotechnology, cyber-terrorism, etc.)
  2. Social Interaction (e.g., communication, social media, partner selection, sexual norms, race relations, urban crime, etc.)
  3. Spirituality and Belief Systems (e.g., religious extremism, cults, atheism, role of religion in education/politics, etc.)  
  4. Economics (e.g., The Great Recession, capitalism, socialism, globalization, transnational global economies, gentrification, etc.)
  5. Politics (e.g., health care, two party system, electoral college, role of religion, gun control, samesex marriage, etc.)
  6. Environment (e.g., global climate change, coral bleaching, deforestation, species diversity, genetically modified foods, food production/distribution)
Tip: Use note cards or other organizational tips

Literature Review: The purpose of the literature review is to systematically go through current peer reviewed literature and comment on certain aspects of the materials as it relates to your topic. You will be required to submit two deliverables, an outline/skeleton in Week 2 and a full literature review in Week 3. For a greater explanation of literature reviews, please see Chapter 2 of your textbook

Requirements of outline/skeleton:

  1. A minimum of 4 peer reviewed articles published within the past five (5) years. (note: you cannot use websites, they must be peer reviewed and in a scholarly journal)
  2. Must have a graphic organizer or a traditional outline format

Tip: constructing an annotated bibliography will help and note cards are often useful to keep yourself organized 

Requirements for final literature review:

  1. A minimum of 4 peer reviewed articles published within the past five (5) years. (you ought to use the articles from the outline/skeleton)
  2. For each article, you should include all publications information cited in APA format
  3. For each article, you should follow the steps outlined in Chapter 2 to complete the written portion

Tip: Literature maps are great organizers. 

Research Proposal: The purpose of a research proposal is to explore new or different aspects of a particular field of study. For this you will submit a draft of your proposal in Week 4 and a final version in Week 5. You should do as complete of a job as possible on your draft and include revisions prior to submission. 

Requirements for your Research Proposal:

  1. Develop at least one testable hypothesis or question, which should relay back to your purpose statement and topic
  2. Determine and explain which methodology you want to use and how it relates to application, the topic, and current research
  3. Make certain you include all of the aspects of a finalized research proposal as seen in Part II of your textbook
  4. All citations must be in APA format to receive full credit (please see for the most recent format)

Tip: Try explaining your research proposal to a friend or colleague, it will help you to flush out your ideas

Subject Philosophy
Due By (Pacific Time) 04/27/2014 06:00 pm
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